Soufflot owners!!

  1. Do you guys stuff your bag when it's not in use? I figured that with the structured shape I didn't have to, but I want to see what others do.
  2. i was wondering if the same thing goes for the speedy?

    i soo want the damier speedy 30, but im quite anxious as to how should i keep it nice and everything.
  3. i have the Damier Papillon 30 and Vernis Bedford, and because of their shape, i don't stuff them. they keep their structuredness just fine.

    i do stuff my Mono Speedy 25 though, because it's only a month old and i haven't used it a lot, so i'm getting the creases out.
  4. I used to own a Soufflot, but I sold it. I never stuffed it when it wasn't in use. Epi leather seems to hold up very well regardless. I do own a black multi. speedy and I do stuff it when it's not in use. I don't want to take any chances with that baby.
  5. hi, i have a soufflot and don't bother stuffing it either. the epi is quite rigid and seems to hold it's shape very well. i just make sure that i don't store any other bags on top of it just in case.
  6. I owned a soufflot and never stuffed it. That bag kept its shape and was remarkable durable. I'm so mad I sold it. I'm a dummy
  7. Thanks to everyone who responded! That's a relief- it has its own little shelf in my closet, right below my epi speedy. I asked because I'd already stuffed my petit bucket bag and epi speedy (I didn't like the way it was holding up on its own, even with the stiffer leather) and ran out of spare clean towels and t-shirts. :amuse:
  8. you know what i use to stuff my bags? the packing air pillows that eluxury sends by bags with :yes:
  9. i stuff mine with old t-shirts.
  10. I've never ordered from ELux before. I'll have to remember to save the packaging if I ever do!
  11. This is my first post and I love to reply to your question, I have a black Soufflot and a Damier Papillon 30, I religiosly stuff my bags with paper and keep them in their dustbag, I noticed they keep their shape better and cleaner.

    But this is just me, I am very anal about my bags.