Soufflot BB in noir or Vaugirard?


Nov 17, 2015
Hi all,
Ok, I am debating between the Vaugirard and the Soufflot bb in noir. I love the strap on the Vaugirard better than the one on the Soufflot, so that’s one thing. I don’t know if I want to buy the Soufflot as well as a wider strap for it, although that might make for my dream bag! Can’t find much onLine on either of these bags other than unboxings etc. Any owners of each of these wanna give me their two cents on any features, wear and tear etc?

thanks so much!


Feb 6, 2018
I really wanted to get the Soufflot bb in Epi black (Perfect size for me and I love Epi) but I really disliked the contrasting maroon glazing. Otherwise I would have loved it. It is small enough to be carried crossbody, but big enough to be hand-carried also. One thing to mention is that it does not have three compartments, but rather one compartment and two flat pockets that are somewhat diagonal.
Good luck! :smile: