Soufflot and Papillon owners, do you carry your pochette...

  1. inside or outside hanging from strap? some days I don't even use them at all, but I saw a girl with her pochette hanging from strap of her papillon, I think looks cute, maybe I need to try to do this. anyone?
  2. I use my baby pap as a make up bag so it stays on the inside of whichever bag I carry.
  3. I can't fit mine in there, I use mine as coin/change purse:yes:
  4. I never use my mini Papillon.:Push:
  5. I never use mine either.
  6. I only use my mini pap when I go to bars or clubs. However, I saw some girls carrying their mini pap from the strap of their pap and it looks really cute that way. :yes:
  7. I attached the small round pochette to the outside of the soufflot. I do receive quite a few compliments on the way the entire "package" looks, and no one knows that it is an LV. I attach it to the outside because there is no room inside the larger soufflot for it.
  8. I am going to do this tonite:yes: with my red Soufflot.
  9. Please let me know how it goes for you.
  10. i keep it inside the bag. i think it looks really weird hanging on the strap :lol:
  11. i never use mine coz i can't fit anything of mine in it.
  12. I stuff my makeup into the pap, and then the pap into my papillon. Maybe I just don't carry a whole lot of "stuff," but mine fits inside the bag.
  13. I never use mine.
  14. I tried carrying mine of the outside of my damier pap 30 for a day or two and didnt really like it. I think it looks best kept on the inside of the bag. If I dont have room for it - then I just dont bother bringing it along.
  15. That's a cute idea. I never even thought of that and how it would look!