Soufflot and Bedford owners..

  1. is there any difference in how these two bags fit over your shoulder?? I have the soufflot and i can put it over my shoulder fine, and was wondering if the bedford would be the same...

    also..since the zipper for the soufflot goes down to the sides, but the bedford is only at the top, can you open the bedford just as much? does the zipper hurt your hands too?

    pls let me know! thanks!
  2. I've seen more people with the Soufflot over their shoulders than the Bedford because I *think* the straps are shorter. The Bedford is really uncomfortable up there, IMO.
  3. ah, thanks Rebecca! that might be a problem for me...eek...
  4. You're welcome! I've tried carrying my Bedford there and it sits weird, vertically and all my stuff goes to one side lol.