SOS...What should I get???

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  1. I have a chance to get:yahoo:
    1 beige-rose prosus birkin in 30cm
    2 lizard 25cm(orange,blueroroi,red)+chevre cognac 30cm(Birkin)
    Which one should I take :shame:
    I think I can only have ONE choise ,one croc birkin or lizard+chevre
    and I have now 35cm in orange,black,gold,red+1 croc prosus in marron 30cm+JPG birkin in black :rolleyes:
    So what's the opinions of you guys????:sos:
  2. they all sound beautiful

    difficult choice but I am looking forward to seeing anyone one of them you pick up.

    good luck
  3. 1 30cm porosus croc birkin would be stunning. Beige Rose is nice but I also think there are other stunning colours like braise (ref star's braise croc kelly)which makes a croc birkin scream gorgeousness.

    If I am faced with the choices you have, I would grab the 30 cm cognac chevre Birkin like gigi leung's :yes: , and wait for a brighter coloured croc to appear before me. And hopefully, during the wait, there is also that increase in budget :graucho: :P
  4. I'd probably get the beige rose 30cm... it'll be nice to add a lighter colored bag to your collection, and it's such a gorgeous color in Croc, and very rare!
  5. Chevre + lizard :yahoo:
  6. Whoa, this is tough. Beige Rose is the most rare Hermes color of them all so if you have the chance, I say grab it!
    But cognac Chevre is one of my favorite Birkins and would be much more wearable for everyday. And I love lizard 25cm Birkins!

    Well....I was no help.
  7. Beige Rose Croc.....hands down. It's stunning!
  8. Where is lilach! She would definitely say beige rose croc! And I would tend to agree, it is so beautiful and such a statement.
  9. It sounds like you already have some great neutrals, so get whichever one(s) you absolutely love.
  10. Wow that is a touch dilema. I cannot choose either but am leaning towards the 30 Birkin. You can't go wrong they all are great options. Good luck and post pics when the new baby arrives.
  11. this is such a sweet headache..yet painful..hehe

    In the collection point of view, I would choose the beige croc. just because it's so rare. It might be easier to run into lizard and chevre later on.

    but ultimately it's what makes your heart sing.
  12. They all sound beautiful. I agree with Fesdu, if strictly for collecting then the Beige-Rose Croc, but for me, I'd pick up that 30cm Cognac Chevre for sure!
  13. I would hands down do the beige rose. That bag is incredibly rare and the others you mentioned are regularly (at least lizard) available in the stores.

    Please let us know what you decide.
  14. Beige rose croc. You never know when you'll see one again. The other choices are easier to find.
  15. Oh the rose......