SOS! What do you do with curry?

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  1. Yep! Today I was wearing my new scarf and what do you think this Klutz did?!?!?!?! That's right, ladies. My new scarf is now wearing some curry sauce that is supposed to stay ON the Chicken TikKa Masalla!!! :wtf: (This is why I don't wear anything white if I can help it OR why bags like Rose Dragee and white/toile combos never come home with me).

    WHAT DO I DO!!!!! I've never had a Curry Emergency before.......:sad:
  2. :wtf: Oh shopmom!!! I wish I could help!! Do you have a trusted drycleaner you could take it to?? Maybe someone with more knowledge will have just the answer!
  3. Dry cleaner. Spot not press.....That tumeric is nasty thing to get out of fabric...
  4. shopmom, you mustn't let the curry oil stay on your scarf too long. You have to do it yourself. Handwash it. Use mild dishwashing detergent to get rid of the oil. I hope the curry colour comes off. Woolite won't be able to do it. Only dishwashing detergent.
  5. Can I do it myself, QM????? Can I spot it with a clean cloth and a little bit of cold water and gentle dish soap?????????

  6. FOR GODS SAKE RUB CORNSTARCH INTO IT FIRST--it abosrbs the oil--then wash with a mild soap
  7. OH GOOD G*D!!
    Curry is bad. The turmeric is a dye!

    ARGH. Well, first, put down your...(or rather, pick up a fresh...) martini

    Then run a sink with cold water, I would go with dove or ivory dish soap, to start. Put it in the water and add the scarf, then when the whole thing has been wet, you can fish out the spot and gently work a little more soap into it.

    If the scarf is new, there will be color in the water, thats OK.

    You can add a little LITTLE oxyclean to the water, too, like a half teaspoon....Dont let it soak, just keep sloshing it around.

    Rinse the dickens out of it.

    Gulp, which "new" scarf was it, s'mom?
    please, not a mousseline :wtf:
  8. Oh, Thank You S........I'm off and running!

    Remind me to never wear a scarf to the Indian Restaurant again.....or ANY restaurant ........or if I do, remind me to take it OFF before I start stuffing my face..........
  9. I dont think I would do the dry cleaner, I think you run more of a risk they will overwork the spot, or fail to get it out, in which case it will set...
  10. Shopmom411, If you went to where I'm thinking you went, I LOVE THE CHICKEN TIKAL MASALA!

    I don't gots any experience with scarves but hopefully you'll get it out! I'm sure with the ladies have wonderful advice!

    I'm soooo hungry but I can only have damn liquids..GRH
  11. No....not the's my "Turqueries........Mr. de T" Muffin just got for me.

    oiy........I'll keep ya I go.......
  12. and for the love of chocolate, do not press it until the spot is completely out!!! You will set it for sure. It may take a couple of washings. Dont soak it!!!

  13. dry cleaning is the worst--it WILL set
  14. Oy!!!
  15. Best of luck!!!