sos!!unremovable stain on patent jumbo

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  1. SOS!!!
    i got some patches of stain on my 09SS red patent jumbo n it cant be removed no matter how hard i clean!it's a minor maroon patches,abt 1-2 cm(can u believe it?!!) .i tried to photographed it to show u guys but failed.all i took is just a red bag,i even used the macro mode too.still unable to photograph the stain .from far it doesnt look obvious but u can definitely notice it when up close .my dh actually said the stain might came within the inner leather n reflected out,that y i couldnt clean it!my heart is so broken as it's still a very new bag!it's all started as i shared my chair with my jumbo,i leaned at the bag when sit on the chair,u know,u put ur bag benind ur back,like share half of chair with it while u just sit on the other half,maybe i leaned too hard without realize it,but now it's too LATE!!HELP
    what can i do?or any tpf member heard of it?
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    So sorry to hear this. I don't know what you can do if anything. I wish you had photo. It sounds like something I even noticed on display bag once.

    It's interesting that you bring this up because I was thinking of starting color transfer survey thread or something like it. Like which bags people have had probs with, what happened and what Did it and what if anything could do about it. Plus even which patent and light colored bags have behaved well and if they treated them in any way prior. I know I too am concerned re such bags I have.

    Hopefully someone has good advice for you. Good luck! didn't
  3. No, it's highly unlikely that there is anything you can do to remove the stain. As you probably know, it's a color transfer, which can not be removed. Patent bags are notorious for this type of staining. It's the risk we all run when we purchase & wear patent. If I were you, I would at least take it into a boutique and talk to them about it. Sorry about your bag OP. I know it's heartbreaking...:sad:
  4. o...u mean it can actually transfer from my clothes(i was wearing black that night) to the patent bag...OMG!!!!i wish i realized it earlier!!so what now?i had to put her on a chair solely so that it wont get high maintanence..i tot patent bag supposed to be the most easily wearable everyday bag??!!
    it's the bright red bag,not even the light colored patent and it actually SO easily got transfer??why..cry cry..
    it's pretty obvious as it's on the surface n middle part of the bag,everytime i look at it,my heart ache.o's like gtg a permenant scar on my face,probably nose.
  5. aw :sad: hope you feel better about it soon enough!

  6. Oh my! It does sound like color migration =(. If it's a fairly new bag the boutique should help you. I hope it works out!
  7. wow... does color transfer really absorb on patent glaze that fast? all the while i thought any dirt over it would just sit on its nonporous surface, removable w/ a damp cloth... :confused1:

    sorry to hear this op. only advice, have chanel assess the damage and hopefully solve it.
  8. I agree it sounds like colors transfer which is permeant.

    I'm not sure how to word this but here it goes... real patent is not the best everyday bag or shoe. It does not like water and colors easily transfer. That being said there are different quality levels of patent the highest quality is the most fragile. Also majority of bags out there being called patent are not patent leather but vinyl.
  9. Darn-I thought patent held up beautifully in the rain-so sorry that this happened to you!
  10. me too!:cry:
    I was ready to buy one as soon as my SA calls me and tell me it's available, but this changes everything :sad::crybaby::shucks:

  11. This has never happened with any of my Chanel patent bags before... I'm sorry this happened to you. It does sound like color transfer and unfortunately with patent it is highly unlikely that the stain can be removed. At least it can't be seen from far. Perhaps you should bring it to the boutique and speak to an SA about it. If you purchased it very recently they might be willing to do an exchange for you.
  12. WOW really?! I want one too but you have put me off! I thought that patent was meant to withstand everything!
    Is colour transfer worse on a patent than lambskin you guy's reckon?
  13. For sure worse on patent! At least with lambskin you can always easily have the bag dyed black to cover the stain.
  14. o boy totally nervous now about light pink lamb bag that's supposed to show up at my house today (heck it may have issues already when it gets here! hope not)... i don't want to think about having to dye it black:wacko: yikes! i did order the loving my bag products... for protection from the getgo... although i am going to have to figure out how to apply... is there rhyme or reason about the clothing worn? like certain types of dark fabrics or what have you that are more likely to transfer... tia!

    and as far as op goes, again sorry you are dealing with this. hopefully maybe something can be done but if not hopefully you can love it and the life it's lived with you ;)

  15. Color transfer is actually a fairly common problem with Chanel. Some stains even seem to come from the inside out (glues and such), in which case they should replace the bag for you.