SOS! Trying to help my boyfriend make a SO in France!

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  1. I just got a text message from my boyfriend...he is at the Lille Hermes store he is there right now inquiring about a Birkin for me!! :yahoo:

    He says that they will take a special order, and that it will take 6 months for it to arrive. But contrary to what I've understood from reading other people's posts in this forum, he says they are requiring a deposit...could someone please confirm if this is the case?

    Thanks in Advance :flowers:
  2. my DH and I put in a podium order when we were in france and the SA told me if we wanted put in a deposit it was alright but if we didn't he would still put in the order and send us an email when he gets it so we could send payment. :smile: HTH
  3. Mimi, I have not heard this method unless it is extremely new.
  4. I will ask my boyfriend for more details when he gets seems unusual compared to everyone else's experience on this forum. Will update soon :smile:
  5. Mimi, I have placed orders in France and never have been asked for a deposit.
  6. Mimi, someone recently posted that they paid in full at time of order....can't remember who it was...someone who was visiting FSH, who didn't live in France...(thinking, thinking....)

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear more....
  7. I think it is always an option, but I was not asked for a deposit with my recent SO (mind you, this was in Alaska, so they may do something different in Siberia)
  8. mimi - perhaps the Lille boutique is a franchised store, rather than corporate owned?

    It's not common, but I know of at least one franchised boutique that does request a deposit for SO's. Not a great practice IMO - I would see if he could try his luck at another location instead.
  9. And, we LOVE him........
  10. Yes, I second that...we do love him!
  11. ^^ LOL!! :roflmfao: I love my boyfriend too! In fact I'm so surprised he actually walked in an Hermes store and inquired...before, he would totally rag on me for wanting a Birkin. So if this isn't real love...I don't know what is :tup:

    Ok, Just spoke with him, and there was some miscommunication (yay, language barrier!). They didn't ask him for a deposit. He assumed Hermes would ask for one because 1) it's a special order and 2) the bag is expensive.

    So basically, the best piece of information that I got from him was that they do special orders in July and December, which means I can either 1) ask him to put in the special order for me now and pick it up in December when I'll be there, or 2) put in the special order myself when I come to Lille in December. I'm wondering if I put it in now, would it be ready by the end of December/early January when I am there? It would be quite inconvenient if I go and the bag is not yet finished...:confused1:

    Any tips on special orders made in France and coordinating the purchase if you live in the US?

    Thanks ladies, you rock!! :heart:
  12. Mimi, I think that if he puts in the order, there is no set time when it may be ready, it depends on the availablity of the skin and color that you select. Some people wait years for their SO to arrive, others receive theirs in a few months. It really depends on many factors.

    I am sure other more experienced H members will clarify for me, I have not done an SO or podium order yet.
  13. I think you will be called when it is ready and can either pay over the phone and have it shipped or can fly over and pick it up. I would place the order now and see how things proceed instead of waiting.
  14. They will send you a letter or fax when the bag is ready (when you place the order, they will give you an estimate for the amount of time but it will be a range), and when the bag is ready, they will then ask for payment information, then they will ship the bag to you immediately. About 2 weeks later you will receive the duty bill from Fedex.
  15. Hehehe. That was me, Katel. But it was not required by the store - My DH preferred to do it that way.