SOS to Gauffre Gals

  1. I need to know if anyone who owns a Gauffre in the ivory color has any problems with color transfer from your clothing? We are planning a small trip and I am planning on wearing a black polyester dress with my ivory Gauffre, but am deadly afraid of it getting color transfer on it. Can anyone tell me if this is a problem or not with the leather on this light colored bag? TIA :p
  2. Hi Miu -- I have the gauffre bowler in an off-white and I haven't had color tranfer problems with it -- however -- I haven't worn it with dark clothing, only camels and creams and light pinks. On the few occasions when I wore it with jeans, I made a conscious effort to keep it away from them.

    I did notice that the zipper pull and the center of the handles appeared a little "dirty" after some usage, which I assume is from the oils etc in my skin from handling.

    I know this isn't helping much... I would just be very careful, as I am sure you are! :smile:
  3. I have a buff or cream colored gauffre tote and it does have a blue tinge now as a result of color transfer from dark denim jeans. But if your dress is polyester, I think you should be ok.
  4. Thanks Minette and Cougess. I really appreciate your help!! I'll be sure not to wear it with my jeans. Kind of sad though because it sure would look cute with some dark denim jeans! :p