SOS! Seeking Murier RH Mini Pom Pon

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  1. Please let me know if you have seen one around, anywhere in the world! I will go to any lengths to get one... If you see one but there is no international shipping, let me know as well so I can hopefully call on my international network of friends to help me!

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Hong Kong Balenciaga had some but that was in early September.
  3. Thanks yukchan! Do you happen to know the phone number to call? :heart:
  4. What other colors does the mini pom pon come in? I must get my paws on one of these bags..
  5. I want one too! How much are they?:graucho:
  6. They came in Blue Roi, Black, Pivoine and Murier for the first round, in RH. Not sure about the GH which seem to be popping up now. US is all out of Murier, according to Ashley of LV.

    The current readily available color is Nacre RH.

    I think they are US$1195 for RH? US$1295 for GH? Don't quote me on that...
  7. I have the Anthra GSH (from Bal NY - the only mini pom they had). $1295
  8. Bal LV has Nacre RH, Anthra GSH, and Black GSH. Look for Ashley!
  9. My search has concluded for now... Thought I'd give an update on the world's stock of Mini Pom Pons for anyone interested.

    There is no Murier RH Mini Pom Pon anywhere in the world right now.

    Bal London did not even get any Mini Pom Pons in RH.

    Bal LV City Center (David M) has Anthracite GSH, Black GSH.

    Bal LV Caesars Forum (Ashley) has Nacre RH, Anthracite GSH, Black GSH.

    Bal SCP (Steve) has Nacre RH.

    Barneys did not order any RH Mini Pom Pons (not sure about GSH, could not seem to get more info out of Leo).

    Bal Cannes also do not have any.

    Bal Hong Kong has Cypress RH, but will be getting the full range in GSH soon - Pivione, Murier, Blue Roi, Black.

    Bal Taiwan has Nacre RH, Cypress RH. They claim to be expecting another shipment in RH but I really think they mean GSH so we shall see.

    Holt Renfrew in Canada only has GSH Mini Pom Pons. Priced at C$1395.

    Bal Singapore has (as of yesterday), 1x Nacre RH, 1x Pivione RH. Didn't ask if the Blue Roi and Black are still available but they could be.
  10. Did you try Neiman Marcus as well as all the smaller boutiques like Gretta Luxe?

    If you are willing to pay more than retail, I will bet you cult status has a few.
  11. I was told by Ashley that the Murier RH has completely sold out in the US so I thought she meant there was none in the system anywhere from Bal stores to the dept stores... I also seem to have an impression of someone mentioning that Neiman Marcus did not order the Mini Pom Pons? I could be mistaken though!

    She also mentioned that the first group of Mini Pom Pons were made in very small quantities to test the market, each store only had about 1 of each colour...

    Is Cult Status in Australia? I Googled and found a nice selection... But they don't have any Mini Pom Pons either...

    Thanks for the suggestions circoit! :heart:
  12. I have been as obsessed as you with trying to locate the mini in Blue Roi! I have a black GSH from Bal NY and I just love it. And I have a necru with GSH coming from Holt Renfrew in Canada. But it's pricey (1400 USD) and time consuming to get it (as I am in the US) but like I said, I am obsessed. I REALLY REALLY want a Blue Roi but can't find one anywhere in the US or Canada. Can you tell me how I would contact the Bal Singapore store to see if they had it as well as how to contact the Bal Hong Kong store to see if they will be getting it in? (I like the Giant Hardware but RH is fine too!). Thank you and I will definitely let you know if I find a Murier anywhere!
  13. Ah, someone in the same boat! :heart:

    Unfortunately, I don't think these places ship out of the country. You would need to have a friend physically there to make the purchase and ship it to you "manually". Hong Kong will most definitely get the Blue Roi soon, but in GSH. However... I believe if you wait a little while, most of US should also get the GSH in all the colours very soon. :yes: I think the next release of Mini Pom Pons will be the GSH... Another thing you could do is email places like Aloha Rag (who have gotten Mini Pom Pons) and tell them to look out for a Blue Roi GSH for you when they arrive. Good luck! :flowers:

    ps. Canada will also be getting some new GSH Mini Pom Pons soon. They told my Canada contact that they will have Murier GSH (which I passed on, I only want RH) so you could call them and ask if they can keep a Blue Roi for you if they get any?
  14. wow dragonette u r a good bal hunter! wish u find murier very soon
    i wonder if bal made mini pom in rose gold or gold
  15. Thanks H2O! I believe it's a matter of time before they make them in RGGH, since they are proving to be really popular!