SOS! Scarf help please.........again......

  1. I am in love with "Fetes Venitiennes" (Carnaval de Venice) and have been looking for one for a while. There's one on eBay I'm considering BUT it say's "Carnival de Venice" instead of "Fetes Venitiennes"..........should I worry about this or was this scarf re-issued with a different name? :shrugs:

  2. Carnaval de Venice by Hubert Watrigant, issued in 1993. Reissued in 1995 and 2004 as Fetes Venetiennes.

    Didn't see either title on the list of often-faked scarves.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, GGA!!!!
  4. Carnaval is the more sought after version - for collectors - rather than Fetes - since it was the first issue. It will not be issued under that name any more but Fetes might come around again
  5. There was actually a little controversy about the original name, which is why it had to be re-named for the re-release.
  6. ^^^Interesting, GF. What was the controversy, if it's okay to ask?
  7. Where do you ladies get all of your scarf info?!?

    I've steadily been buying H scarves for the past quarter century and getting the little booklets regularly, but I don't know half as much as some of you. I've even seen a craftsman silkscreen a scarf in the former E. 57th St location! But I need to know more, More, MORE!! Give me some pointers please!
  8. have you tried contacting your new SA? maybe she can search the database for you...
  9. This is what has about the renaming...

    Fetes Venitiennes, Hubert de Watrigant, 2003

    This scarf was originally named Carnaval de Venise By Watrigant 1993. The change was possibly to secularize it (carnaval refers to Catholic celebrations before Lent).

    OT, but there are some insanely amazing photos from Venice here:
    VENICE CARNIVAL IN ITALY pictures from italy photos on webshots

    I stumbled upon them and bookmarked this album...I imagine there are more on webshots, but anyway, its fun to see them.

    goodluck s'mom!​
  10. ^ yes! CB just answered it for me! It was originally Carnaval de Venise, then they changed it to Fetes Venitienne - they also do both jaquard and non-jaquard versions. I think the "Carnaval de Venise" was not jaquard, but I'm not 100% on that.

    Carnaval de Venise is def. more collectible.
  11. Well, I don't know what's going to happen with "Carnaval" but I'm thrilled that I scored a beautiful "Le Temps de Marionnettes".....which I know has nothing to do with Venice but's pretty dang beautifull!!!! :heart:
  12. ^LOL! Congrats on another scarf acquisition! What color did you get?
  13.'s in lovely shades of blues/beige/greens/khaki/yellow. Just beautiful.
  14. Coco-nut - I'm with you...the knowledge base is amazing on this forum!

    GF, gga, mariet & cobalt - you are tPF treasures!

    Shopmom - I hope you'll post pics of your new scarf for us to drool over! HNE
  15. Shopmom, sounds heavenly ... please post pics when you get it, can't wait to see it :nuts: