SOS: Plus size woman in need of cross body bag

  1. I have a friend that is shopping for an LV bag that goes across the body. She has a lot of things she carries to work. She is a large lady—plus size—and would like something with a long strap.

    The Musette Salsa's strap is not quite long enough. She used to own the Drouot Shoulder Bag and said it had the perfect strap, but that bag is DC.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Baggy GM with longer strap? I find the neo cabby GM strap is just not long enough to wear across your body.
  3. I hope I'm not asking an obvious question, but is your friend aware the Salsa comes in two strap lengths, the regular and the long?

    I'm quite large, and I've found the Long Strap Damier Salsa to be perfect!

    I know I had trouble finding something comfortable for the across the body, but I use my Salsa every day now, and it's even long enough to go comfy over my coat!

    Hope your friend finds something she likes!

  4. What about the Fersen??? That strap is LONG!! Also the Tulum (the larger one) that also is a long strap. I love both bags, as I love a shoulderbag to hit me below my hip and these do just that.
  5. howbout the abbesses? it has a long adjustable strap and fits alot...
  6. I wish I could help, but I'm not that familiar with cross body bags.

    The other members seemed to offer some great suggestions though!
  7. Yes indeed, the musette does come with a 46in strap. I know b/c I bought the one with shorter strap and got it replaced b/c I like my bag to hang on or past my hip(like a beggars bag) as they point out in the description.

    Good luck!!!!
  8. how about the saumur? it's a nice size bag, messenger style, and it would be in proportion to a voluptuous lady!
  9. Have her try the musette with the longer strap.
  10. I don't know how big of an LV bag your friend is looking for....
    I have a Marly bandoliere (sp??) and the strap is soooooooo long, and is one of the few LV straps that actually has an open buckle in the strap... good luck !!
  11. Saumur in mini lin would be nice.
  12. The Hudson GM has a nice long strap.
  13. I think this is the way to go too!
  14. saumur?
  15. I am also a plus size woman... and I found that if you purchase a bag with a vachetta shoulder strap it can be replaced with a longer strap that can be purchased from LV. I tried on a lichen denim bag and the SA suggested that I purchase a longer strap and it did fit. Th musette with the long strap is about that size.