SOS plexiglass users!

  1. I recently custom-ordered a piece of plexiglass online for my Speedy 25. But when it arrived, I realized it was a bit too big. It could fit into my bag, but not without a struggle :lol:. So now I want to get it resized, but before I botch it up again, I just wanted to know what the dimensions should be.

    So ladies, for those of you who use the plexiglass for the Speedy 25, what size is yours that you can get in without a struggle and still make it stay without it shifting around?
  2. My DH bought plexiglass from Home Depot and took my bag into the garage. Five or ten minutes later he brought the bag back inside the house and it was done. I think it you should measure your bag to get the right fit. I'm also in NY in Yonkers. If you're close maybe my DH can fix it for you. Let me know if you need help.
  3. omgosh, pf should organize a plexiglass fitting meeting for the speedy! LOL!
  4. Yeux, please let me know where online u purchased the plexiglass and if anyone else has the measurements for the speedy 30 please let me know
  5. please post the dimensions for the speedy 25. thanks!
  6. I have a piece of binder cut, and it measures 9.5 in long and 5 .75 in wide and it fits nicely.

    I'll post a pic in just a min.
  7. Hope this helps.

  8. ^^ Pretty! Looks marbly!!!
  9. i got it from
  10. thank u my love:smile:
  11. Bag Fetish..i love your speedy... and your nails too!!! absolutely HOT!:love:
  12. Thanks, I'm sure i just had my nails done when i took that pic.

    Seems according to the info on that site posted the lexiglass is about 20$ WOW, get a cheap binder from the dollar store and cut it to fit, Cover it with material or you wish to make it fancy and there you go.
    IT works just fine :smile: