SOS please someone help me!

  1. Hey:smile:,

    I am starting sixth form college in September and need a new bag for the occasion lol. Could anyone suggest a comfy large bag that could hold the normal necessities and maybe a couple of A4 books and a pencil case.

    I am looking at a balenciaga work or weekender in a bright colour, I am not boring and black screams boring and safe to me KWIM? I have also seen a Chloe paddy metallic tote with the lock on top which was quite nice but I have no idea where to purchase one or the retail price for that matter. I am open to any suggestions by any brand/designer - I really need to see a variety of bags!

    Finally my budget is undecided - I could probably spend just about $1200 - bearing in mind I am 16 so this purchase needs to be built to last as I wont be getting a bag of such caliber for a long while after.

    thanks :heart:
  2. I forgot to add something lol. The bag needs to be wearable all year round.
  3. I would probably recommend Balenciaga "Work or Part time", they are lighter to carry if you will be carrying A4 binders and school materials
  4. yeah I was thinking more of a larger bag ie the weekender or a tote - I really do not want an arm bag.

    Any other suggestions?
  5. I would lean towards the Balenciaga as well (even though I don't have one...yet) as the Chloe can be quite heavy and I would not want to lug it around with school supplies in it.

    What about an LV tote style in Damier or Epi leather?
    The LV Passy comes in Black, White, Red and Brown.
  6. That is really cute! What is the retail and does it come in other colours - can I buy it online?
  7. Oh no I cant afford the LV passy :sad:
  8. other suggestions?
  9. Chloe Edith messenger. If lucky you can find it discounted.