SOS!!! Pale Magenta or Sandstone?

  1. Ladies,
    I am on the list for a Pale Magenta Weekender, but have found a Sandstone Weekender. Now I am torn: Wait for the Pale Magenta or get the Sandstone now?

    I'm normally into the more classic colors, but I bought new Juane & Violet Briefs this season past and now am finding that I really like the bolder colors.

    I absolutely LOVE the Weekender style, and I feel like a superstar when I'm rock a Weekender with heels and jeans. I currently have a Plomb/Steel Weekender and a Mystery Camel/Caramel that I found hidden at Barney's this fall! I believe it is 2006, but it looks very much like the one Penelope Cruz is carrying in the Celebrity section of the forum.

    So Sexy Superstar Magenta or Classic Sandstone?
  2. Live a COLOR!!! Go for the Magenta!!!
  3. I say magenta especially if you have the caramel color - that's too close to the sandstone IMO.
  4. Thanks Ladies, I think you are right!!!

    I found this image on the Celebrities page. FYI: There are lots of magenta pics on the first few celebrity pages (1-10+).

    This is the kind of look I'm going to go for--(only not so packed! full):

  5. I would also go with the Magenta. Definately with heels and jeans!
  6. I will obviously say Magenta since I'm also waitlisted for a Magenta Weekender...with a weekender, it can be a great color, so yay magenta!
  7. i loooooove my sandstone - but you already have a caramel color, so i say go with the pale magenta!
  8. Pale Magneta
  9. I am not a pink girl but you already have a camelcolor I would go with the pale magenta as well
  10. how about petal pink? looks closer to hillary duff's (that's her right..?) bag? personally, i think the magenta will be really cool but unfortunately when i saw it IRL it didn't do much for me. have you considered any of the other colors from this season?
    that being said, i'm sure you'll rock the weekender!!
  11. hmm... like others have said since you have the camel/caramel... go for the magenta if you love it... personally speaking i love the sandstone... its such an interesting muddy color i think its different enough to the camel/caramel to justify owing both... in fact i dont think its anything like camel/caramel, besides you can never have too much of the beautiful neutrals Balenciaga makes!... and esp when i'm not a fan of the new magenta either... good luck!
  12. magenta!! :yes:
  13. Thanks for all the input;)

    Sorry to say that I'm still torn. I'll let you know what I decide and I'll go to a PC (instead of my Apple) and upload some pics of my bags. I'd especially like you all to see the
    Brief I have in Violet since I haven't seen one on the Forum. It has got to be the most beautiful leather that I have ever seen.

    Cross your fingers for me:p
  14. wow, i'd really like to see your mystery camel/caramel bag! i'd say sandstone is not v close to this... it looks like a 'cool' colour whereas camel's a bit warmer? anyway, since you admit you now prefer bold colours, and if you don't already have a pink, then the default choice is pale magenta...? i reckon you'd already have considered how to team it with your clothes ;)
  15. good luck with your decision. i would go for magenta since you are more into the bolder colors.