SOS Now Im Really Confused HELP!

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  1. OMG, just when I thought I finally had my purse picked out for my LV shopping trip I have just took a turn for the worse (or better).

    I was all set to go with the NF PM with a cute pochette but now after looking at the LV site yet again I find myself lusting for other products.

    Here is what I am now interested in getting.

    1) The Neverfull PM with Pochette

    2) The Trouville

    3) The Wilshire (Armarante or Rose Pop)

    4) The Rodeo Drive (Pomme De Amour)

    I have no Vernis yet mainly my collection consists of mono but I am mono obsessed so that is fine by me. I just need some expert advice here.

    So ladies what do you recommend and why.

    (I promise this will be my last what should I get thread lol)

    Thanks in advance.

  2. As much as I love the mono, I would get something different. But ONLY if you are drooling over the other items. Otherwise, I'd stick to what I wanted in the first place.
  3. I would add some vernis (I need to do that too). However buy what you love not what you think your collection necc. needs. you will be much happier in the long run. Have you considered the galliera? It is TDF.
  4. hi my friend :P :biggrin:

    from your list the best is rodeo !! :biggrin: uniqe and so gorgeous! I like trouveile too. but MC or mono?
  5. Since you already have a lot of monos i'd pick one of the Vernis bags.
  6. i agree.

    And, unfortunately, i believe NIKE stole what SHOULD have been the Louis Vuitton motto - there IS no finish line, lol:yahoo:
  7. Trouville. I saw Penelope Cruz had one and it's gorgeous!
  8. Wilshire in Rose Pop!
  9. a neverfull PM and a vernis cles!
  10. Vernis is beautiful and a great addition to your predominantly mono collection. Get the wilshire if you like it, but it's also worth exploring other options. I personally love the alma pm and brea!
  11. Wilshire!!! I have a bleu nuit wilshire and I LOVE it!!! it is such a great little bag.

    Get the amarante it is such a gorgeous color
  12. Wilshire gets my vote, but do they still have rose pop? Trouville in mono looks like going to work? IMO. MC trouville is nice but I think its discountinued in stores. Go for a vernis peice!
  13. Wow, you do have alot of choices?

    I'm going through the same issues, do I get a practical bag or something more fun?
    Go with your gut feeling, if you are tempted to get something in vernis go for it.
  14. I too started with MONO bags.. and just when I thought I need something in vernis.. I just could not find the RIGHT one. All the bags you have mentioned.. I too have considered... but due to size... I decided NOT to go with it. They are smallish and for me, it would only be functional as a formal or night out bag... AND I seemed to dislike vachetta on vernis.. so I am picky with the vernis style. The Wilshire I thought was perfect but when I saw it.. it just did not do it for me.. again too small! Alma PM would have been IT but it did not come in RED! I hate how vernis catches fingerprints and dust esp on dark ones and how the light ones discolor over time... so at this time.. I settled for my International wallet as my first and ONLY VERNIS item.

    If I were you.. Id go for the NF I originally wanted! Nothing beats the CLASSIC Mono canvas IMHO.
  15. neverfull!!!!!!!!!!;););)