SOS!! Need Intervention!!!

  1. Arrrgh ... Feeling stressed out again which means I'm feeling a spending spree coming on and I really must not and cannot spend on anything huge until late December. Times like this are especially dangerous for me as I will often end up buying whatever in sight. It's like I'm going all over the place, thinking I want to swing by Nordstrom, Dior, YSL, Hermes, EVERYWHERE! Even places that I don't normally go just so that I can BUY something when in fact this is NOT a good idea. Somebody REASON me out of some potential impulse buys please? I'm just sooo stressed out, worried, and craaaaaaaaaaving so badly ...

    I'm getting off work soon ... I gotta get talked out of going to the mall:sos:
  2. Whats wrong Kuo? are you ok?

    Hmm its a long way from December my dear...perhaps you should enjoy a good meal and some wine and call it a day???
  3. Kou! Grab a book, some magazines, something yummy to eat and go have some "chill" time....! Goodness, girl, you can't be thinking of something other than Hermes at a time like this!!! I posted a quick message on your other thread (the men and Hermes thing) which I hope gives you a bit of encouragement, by the way.
    Step away from the mall - impulse buys are bad, and they place the next dream Birkin/ Kelly etc one step further away.
    Grab the latest fashion mags maybe and look for outfits that go with all the Hermes you already have - a reasonable compromise, non? Or buy yourself a huge bouquet of your favourite flowers, anything that gives you that imminent gratification we all so badly need. Or go to an art gallery (mind you, except for the commercial ones, art galleries drive me nuts if you can't buy the stuff)
    Oh I hope you feel better soon... stay away from the mall!
  4. I think it is a Fondue night!!!! Aren't you tired from working all day? Don't you want to just go home and relax with a good book or a bubble bath. You will only regret your purchase tomorrow. And you will have to put up with all the shoppers at the mall who are all grumpy from working too hard.

    (Did that help at all???)
  5. Hi Kou!!! I know what you mean..when I'm in a bad mood, I do the same thing...
    I agree with lolo, look over some magazines, go to the bookstore, or, if you absolutely must go to the boutiques..don't take your credit card!!!

    Remember, we're always here to listen to your problems, :smile: You can stay and hang out with us!
  6. Stay in with us, get a glass of wine and enjoy the evening....
  7. Kou, why not go on and buy yourself a fabulous twilly or pochette scarf? That way, you get the rush of an Hermes purchase, the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive and the joy of opening a new orange box - all the while spending only about $100! Take it from the voice of experience - that is exactly what I did late Sunday night! Hang in there darlin'. We are all here for you!
  8. Okay I got a good idea Kou, this will cheer you up.

    Get your Azzes down to Hermes and please buy your Fushia Ostrich whatever and cheer up.
  9. ninja sue i LOVE the extra benefit of a phone or catalog or web purchase. it satisfies my need to get but extends it a bit as i have to wait for it.

    but kou has a track record.

    in this case, kou, you must not buy!!!
    how about this, in addition to the great suggestions of mags and booze, lol, try sitting down with all your past regretted purchases which you acquired under circumstances not unlike those at present. reflect and restrain. is it worth turning one evening of feeling low into a contstant reminder of a mistake you will regret?
  10. Uh oh. Didn't realize Kou had a track record! LOL! Sorry, Kou - didn't mean to enable when all you really need is video of Sense and Sensibility (the title alone is fitting), a box of tissues and a good mug of cocoa!

  11. now THAT is perfect advice, for all of us. lol
  12. Kou - Go to dinner or a night out to movies with friends or co-workers after work. Go out till it's past the closing time for the stores!!

    Do this 3 nights in a row, and then it should break the trend or habit for a while.:sweatdrop:

    Take a hot bath or shower, and look at some magazines or if your drunk...take two asprins and go to bed.

    Whatever you do,....DON't GO SHOPPING!!:nuts:
  13. Kou? Ok....this is Shopmom talking....enabler extraordinaire and even I'M telling you to STEP AWAY FROM THE MALL!

    You know what I do when I get like you are now? I take a hot bubble bath, put on comfy pajamas and big furry slippers, stick Pride & Prejudice (which I've seen so many times I can recite it word for word) on, grab a glass of wine, flop on the couch and call it a day. Really. 'Cause if I try retail therapy I usually wind up buying something that makes me look like a dweeb or shoes that are too small but I had to have because they're leopard print and God knows I can't live without leopard print and it goes on and on.

    No. Stay put. Ride it out. Do something that nutures your soul.
  14. Listen, I did exactly what you don't want to do. DON'T GO or you will spend$$$. I said I was only going to buy a Hermes charm today and walked out of the mall with two Etro tops that were just too expensive. Now I feel streesed and out of control. I should noy have bought them and when I want something else soon for much less like jeans or something...I won't be able to get them. Just don't go there. I have no control at all, I have to stay away to stop. Don't go. Don't go.Don't go.:wacko:
  15. LOL..Listen to star kou, she is right.:yes:

    I do the same thing when I am stress that is spend money to make me feel better. I got stress, go out, spend, feel good then stress again when I realized I am out of control on spending. :Push:

    The best thing to do is not to go where you know you will spend big money. Maybe go to a nice restourant with friend will be better.;)