SOS - Need Feedback

  1. Ladies, I had a horrible experience please post your reactions regarding how I should handle this. My 6 week old Brentwood Perle Vernis that I adore and was babying just BROKE. I walked out of my door and the strap just fell off. Upon examination a gold clip that hold the two pieces the handles use to feed back to the holes in the strap just "popped off". And on my front lawn. I mean, this is a 1/8 inch of gold plated metal somewhere under 10,000 pieces of grass. For 1300 $ after five minutes of not finding this, (why should i have to rake my lawn after spending that $$$!) I called Saks where I purchased this. They said they will "repair it or replace it". This is what you expect out of a fake pocket for petes sake. What I would like you ladies to advise me is should I insist Saks let me select an alternative Luis Vuitton. I can't imagine the same scenario walking down Madison Ave - if you get my issue. Its like my husband cheated on me...OH, my heart is broken...
  2. OMG...I am sorry to hear that.
    Yes, I think you should talk to them . I can't imagine if that happen in Madison Ave, people think you carry fake...If that happen you can sue LV for public humiliation..(can we do that? )
  3. Sometimes I feel like LV customer service is not the nicest at all but if you are firm in your request and insist numerous times, then they have no choice but to give in. Especially if there's a lot of people. I think they'd rather avoid a scene.
  4. Get a replacement! It's such an expensive bag to break down that easily. Goodluck!
  5. you should definitely get a replacement........the same thing happened to my mother's speedy (but hers was more than 20 years old and she carried ltos and lots of heavy stuff in it), and the SA was very apologetic......i don't think it's a reflection on that particular bag, per se, but rather just bad luck so you shouldn't let it prevent you from replacing it with the same bag :yes:
  6. Here's the follow up on this saga, went to Saks this morning and they couldn't have been nicer. They offered to replace the bag on the spot, additionally if I wanted any other bag of equal value they were ok with that as well. So I guess I blew my chance to offload my white vernis brentwood, but love is love, after looking at all the other FABULOUS bags, my heart still is true to my high maintanance baby. The sales people at Saks rock I think they are much nicer then the high-brow wannna bees at the LV fifth avenue store. They did explain this is the design of the bag and it is to accomodate replacment of straps, which may be a desireable thing if they get TOO dark, I don't really care for that look when the straps just get so tannish.
  7. I am glad they did their job...I hope you will not get another incident.
  8. OMG! How horrible! I would die if that happened to me! And then I would be totally ticked off!

    I am so glad that LV did the right thing and replaced your bag. Good luck with the new one!

    I don't have any Vernis for fear of not being able to take care of it as it needs to be taken care of. You are brave! :biggrin: