SOS: Mysore???

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  1. :sos:just wondering if anyone knows how mysore feels like. I just got a bag in mysore and for whatever reason the leather feels very stiff and plasticky to me. How is mysore supposed to feel? Compared to my Togo and Fjord bags, this bag just doesn't feel soft to me (although the bag is very light weight). I've attached pictures. tia.
    mysore1.jpg mysore2.jpg mysore3.jpg mysore4.jpg
  2. Although I cannot offer you any advice as to mysore- I just wanted to tell you that this color is gorgeous! Just beautiful!
  3. thanks jag. for whatever reason, i just thought the leather would be softer and squishier.
  4. The goathides are fairly stiff at first. I find most of the leathers, including the stiff ones will soften to some degree with time.

    BTW, nice bag, less spine than coromandel.
  5. Coromandel is a little softer, but chevre leathers on the whole are more rigide. Coromandel Souple is the softest.
    I think you'll love this Birkin over time. It will be SOO light to carry around and will keep that lovely shape. Also, it does very well in inclement weather. It's TDF!
  6. is there any chance this may be fake?:throwup: everything else about the bag is fine. just the feel of it is off to me. but then, this is my first mysore bag so I don't know.
  7. Aaah this is just like mine!! Love it -- maybe it's just a little more sheen and the newness?? I love that it's so light....enjoy!
  8. Can you see the spine? Where/how did you acquire it?
  9. i got it on ebay. seller is very nice. sent me a gazillion pictures prior. i was pretty confident this bag is good. i compared to with my togo birkin and everything is correct with the bag. just the leather is very stiff (compared to togo) and the bag is just so light (i'm not used to it). and i'm also not used to the sheen.

    i think i can make out the spine but could i be just imagining it?
  10. Bag looks real to me. Personally, I love the sheen. But maybe you're just not a chevre fan?
    Light in a Birkin is a GOOD thing!! :smile:
  11. OMG, this color is TDF! *thud* on the floor.....

    If the seller is reputable, it is most likely real (sorry, can't help much with your mysore question :shame: )
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  13. :lol: You know you are on the floor too, Jag:lol:

  14. :happydance: Yes. Light is definitely good. Maybe I will get some use out of this bag then. I rarely carry my other bags because it's so heavy.
  15. I think it's just the different leathers really make a "different" bag IMO! It's a beauty - enjoy!