SOS! Looking for the black round bowling!!

  1. [​IMG]

    Wanted! Black round bowling that was released in 2006. Recently went on sale.. Has anyone seen or heard of one of these being available? Please PM me if you have. I make great cheesecake, if that helps ;).
  2. Hope u find one...this bag is gorgeous!!
  3. It is, isn't it! :love: I hope I find one too! Thanks!
  4. banana thanks for the link but that bag is already spoken for.. I was going to buy it from the seller but she said that another buyer wants it and is willing to pay more money.. :sad:
  5. Oh no! Well, I'll stay on the lookout for you. I'm going to NM and Saks today...maybe somebody will have done a return!
  6. Oh you're lovely! Thank you so much banana:heart:
  7. Joie, did u see jag's recent post? Looks like Lisa Hamlin has the black bowling bag at 50% off!
  8. Yup I did! :biggrin: Thanks for the heads up! :heart: