SOS, I am crazy to hold 8 bags.....

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  1. [​IMG]

    1. Isabella Fiore in copper


    2. Isabella Fiore in green


    3. Juicy Couture in burgundy


    4. Gucci in tan


    5. Marc Jocob in blush


    6. Coach Ali in white


    7. Coach legancy in natural


    8. Be & D in gold

    I have been ordered total 8 bags those two days. There are all in good deal, but I think I only will keep 3 bags.

    Can you help me out to vote top 3 bags you wants and top one dislike .

    Thanks for your time.
  2. I like Gucci in tan, Marc Jacobs in blush, and the Coach Ali in white... I don't care for the Isabelle Fior in copper.
  3. The main reason I pick Isabelle Fior in copper is I found the original price($650) in NM, but Saks already 50% off($259.9 plus gift card $25 today).
  4. I like the MJ and the Gucci. Coach is my 3rd choice! Just return what you don't like. Sales like this a few and far between!:yes:
  5. definitely the gucci, marc jacobs, and coach ali in white!
  6. My first choice will be MJ in blush, I got a lots comments on this one from MJ thread.

    Most votes said Gucci, but some people said the style is classic but not the embellishment. Maybe I will return that.
  7. I've done it!! Ordered more bags than I wanted because they were on sale. Keep them for a few days. . . look at them - look at yourself in the mirror and finally keep only the ones you would have purchased full price . . . if you had they money. It's better to have one or two bags you adore instead of 8 you like only so so. Good luck!
  8. My honey think I am wasting time to do such things. Grabing a lot purses but no one is really on my wishlists.

    But I got Gucci $575, MJ $448, Be & D $313, IF in green $188, IF in copper $209.9, Juicy $210, Coach Ai $373.5, Coach legancy $298.5. Total $2,615.9, maybe I should save the money to buy a one I really want. Right?
  9. where did you get the legacy? and i say keep em' all!!
  10. Coach legacy in PCE, SA placed the order for me.
  11. Keep them all!
    Life is good on the crazy side..
  12. I just cancelled the "Gucci" one, one girl in Gucci thread is really like it. I let her to own that. Haaa..
  13. This is easy for me, because I think 3 stick out as clearly being classier and more versatile!

    My first choice is #4. Gucci in tan. I LOVE the color, it's stylish and trendy but not too trendy. The shape is classic. ADORE IT!

    Second choice is #6. Coach Ali in white. GREAT BAG! Love the front pocket and snap closure. So cute and classic!

    My third choice (and this is verrrry close to my second choice, in fact, almost tied) is #5. Marc Jacob in blush. It's a very nice spring/summer bag that would go great with a sundress or something.

    I think between these three choices you will have a bag for every outfit!

  14. Gucci, MJ and Coach Ali. I think you'll get the most use out of these 2. The IF's are a bit too funky, and I'm digging the shapes too much. I'm not a fan of Be&D's color combo. Coach Legacy isn't bad. The JC is cute but is that suede?