SOS, help... only can have one?

  1. Can you help me to decide which one should I take?

    Ali should bag in white[​IMG]

    or Legacy should bag in "natural"[​IMG](SA[​IMG] told me it's a newest color, very pretty) but the pic is whiskey

    I like both, but I think I can only keep one for now. Can you help me to decide it.
  2. i have the shoulder in whiskey but i sooo want the Ali in white

    so i have to say the ALI in white is my vote!
  3. Ali in white is next on my list also!
  4. the white Ali
  5. I like the white Ali, too. I typically don't care for white bags but I think the white Ali is really classy.
  6. I guess most people vote white Ali, but I still want the legacy shoulder bag. It did look cute on me.

    Any more input...
  7. I'm getting the shoulder bag in white for the PCE. I love it, love it. It's a mix of both of your choices - I pick shoulder bag. It depends on how it looks on you. The ali looked weird on me. I think it hit me in the wrong spot.
  8. BOTH...

    no thats no help...

    hmm i like the shoulder bag but i've been liking the ali bags i've seen, especially white...

    i think trying them on would be the decider.
  9. To be different, I like the legacy. But it depends on how it looks on you! Also, the natural legacy would work into fall.
  10. I vote for the Legacy in Natural!:yes:
  11. ali in white...everyone needs a nice white bag! :smile:
  12. Ali in white!It's the perfect spring bag IMO!:love:
  13. hi hi, yes i also think white is nicer for that kind of design. The brown one will make you look more matured.
  14. white ali!
  15. just curios, which one will be outlet soon? Ali $498, legacy shoulder bag $398? i think i want to get one in PCE now which is 25% off, and the other one in outlet soon.
    What do you think?