SOS---Harry Potter Fans for the Title Of The Final Book!

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  1. I had no patience playing Hangman, so I just scrolled to the bottom of the article!

    It's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    It's the most sinister sounding title out of all of them!
  2. So two major characters who previously survived will die, one gets a reprieve, but I'm sure there'll be minor characters who will die as well. I found this at wikipedia, which is why I don't think she'll kill off Harry, Ron, or Hermione ...

    Asked which five of her characters she would like to invite to dinner, she chose Harry, Hermione and Ron, but then hesitated before choosing her last characters, saying "See... I know who's actually dead", unsure whether she was permitted to invite those who are 'dead'.

    And it looks like Hermione will eventually be paired up with Ron, but she'll also have a fling with Neville? Hum ...that's interesting. Actually, I do feel that JKR writes for the fans ... Maybe I'm just morbidly unromatic, but I honestly feel that all the snogging wasn't necessary ... it was a bit distracting, but that's just me.

    I think Luna may play an important role on the upcoming book. Also, this may be a bit of a stretch but am I the only person who is seeing a bit of a parallel between the group "James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and Severus Snape" and the group consisting of "Harry, Hermoione, Ron, Neville, and Draco"?

    Can't remember which book but Dumbledore at one point said that Snape and James Potter had a bit of a rivalry back in the school days that was not unlike the rivalry between Harry and Draco. If we go with this formula of parallelism, then I surmise Harry is a "reflection" of James, Draco of Snape, Ron of Sirius, Hermione of Lupin, etc. But that would mean Neville is "parallel" to Peter. That's a bit of a stretch but considering JKR's tendencies to throw in twists, it would be interesting if Neville betrays the group.

    I also want to find out the significance of Harry having his mother's eyes and the story behind Aunt Petunia. It was interesting that she knew about Azkabam. At one point JKR said that there was more to Petunia than meets the eye, and that she was definitely not a squib. This makes me wonder if Petunia was also a witch at some point?
  3. You've really thought about this! I think Harry and his band of merry men and women will all be OK. None of them will die, not even Neville. All the horcruxes are destroyed leaving the only earthbound soul in Voldemort himself and he is going to die for good. I think Snape is going to die in the cross-fire trying to save Harry and I think there will be another main character who will die but I can't think who it could be. The one who gets the reprieve is Neville.

    As to whether he betrays the group, an interesting idea, but if he did it would be unintentional unlike Peter Pettigrew.

    As to aunt Petunia there is more to her than we know but its up to JKR to fully develop her or not, in which case we will never really know about her.

    Yes I also think Luna has a bigger role to play in book 7.

    Thats what I think!
  4. Omg! I'm so excited!!! I'm gona have to re-read book 6 to prepare :yes:
    Thanks for the news, and kouk, I loved reading your thoughts on it!