SOS!! H Buckle Belt Help Needed!

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  1. I have just bought a H buckle belt in France on sat. This is my first Hermes purhase and I was so happy then.

    However, my happiness was shortlived when I return to hotel and try it on with my jeans. I realized that the belt size which I have bought is too small to fit into my jeans.

    Does anyone know if Hermes allow exchange for the belt? And what is their exchange policy? And if they do, do they allow for exchange in another different country as I am in Florence now and will be heading to Rome in the next few days.. Or even Singapore if I were to fly back.

    Many thanks for your advice.
  2. since you are already in Rome, maybe you should try the store there and explain your situation.

    my understanding is that unused item in pristine condition can be exchanged.

    good luck!

    p.s. why didn't you try on the belt in the store?
  3. I don't think you'll have a problem exchanging it. Just make sure you have your receipt!!
  4. Hi steakfrite, thks for your advice. Will try checking with the SA.

    Hanyeu, yes I did try on the belt, but was with my dress instead of jeans. It did not occur to me then the my jeans is more low waist and thicker in material...I guess I was too excited then! Really hope they allow exchange.
  5. I already have 2 H belts in 2 different hardwares, different sizes and color combos. Now am trying to get my 3rd leather belt in different color & size again.
    Just a suggestion: If the store doesn't allow exchange, you can always buy the leather belt alone in a larger size & color to interchange with your current belt buckle.
  6. They usually allow exchanges, but since you are going to a different boutique in another country to make the exchange, I suggest you do it asap so you are not too off from the purchase date on your receipt. They have the right to refuse exchanges so best be quick. If the belt isn't too short, then you can simply ask the store to punch 1-2 more holes. Or, buy another belt in a bigger size so you have a shorter belt for high waistlines and a larger belt for jeans and low waistlines.
  7. Hi Kewave and purplebirkin, thanks for your suggestions and advice.

    I went to Hermes at Florence today, but SA refused to exchange saying that France and Italy belong to different organisation. Anyway, their belt stock is low and doesn't have my size, so I didn't persist.. Will try my luck in Rome when I reach there on fri.

    Wish me luck ladies...
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    Last edited: Oct 13, 2010
    I understand your situation about belt not fitting like it did in the store. I bought my first H buckle belt the other day. When I tried it on in the store, it fit...but then when I got home and put it on with jeans, it was a bit short.
    I will keep it (love it lots) and will probably wear it mostly with dresses, because it fits better when higher on the waist.

    Kewave suggestion makes sense...that we should buy another leather belt in a bigger size.

    Hope you are able to make the exchange.

    Good luck in Rome!
  9. Oatmeal_raisin, thks so much for your comforting msg...:smile:

    Yup, I agree with u that kewave's suggestion is great! Perhaps I shd just keep it and buy a bigger one. What is the colour of the buckle which u hv bought?
  10. I got the brushed silver/ palladium plated H buckle w/ a chocolate togo/black box leather belt!