SOS from the UK...are there any bubble quilts left in the US?

  1. Hi everyone. I live in the UK and have tried in vain to get my hands on the large bubble quilt flap in dark beige (the one that passes as khaki/grey/brown/whatever!). I was in London last w/end and they had one in Harrods but the stitching was coming undone so I passed (and it's been sold now anyway). I know that Neiman M's ship to the UK but as they don't sell Chanel online, I need to contact store directly and have no idea where to start!

    Have any of you US-based Chanel lovers seen this bag recently and can you recommend a particular store/SA to call?

    Thanks in anticipation!


  2. Hi Karen, did you try the Chanel boutique in Brompton Road??? They had quite a few bubble quilts there the last time I was there (a couple of weeks ago). Good luck in your search!
  3. I saw one at NM Charlotte a few weeks ago. 704-442-7900. Natasha is who I deal with.
  4. Try Indra at the Tyson's Corner, Virginia, Chanel boutique. Her number is 1-703-847-0555.
  5. Saks in Atlanta has one, I was just there yesterday.
  6. Thanks so much everyone who replied. I'll try Brompton Rd first then work my way down the list!

    I'll let you know when I have success!


  7. Good luck! I hope you find one.
  8. NM San Antonio has them
  9. NM Houston Galleria has them also
  10. Oh, and the Chanel in the Houston Galleria too
  11. Thanks again.

    When it comes to shopping, I wish, wish, wish that I lived in the US!

  12. any luck?
  13. Not yet but fingers remain crossed!