SOS for Purse Aficionados!

  1. Hi, readers!

    I sent (or so I thought) a message concerning a white purse I saw last year on Yahoo. I'm not sure if it was sent so I'm resubmitting it.

    I am looking for a white slouch hobo bag that costs $1,600. As I recall it had a lock and key on it and maybe some fringe. It definitely was a designer bag, but I cannot remember the name of the designer.

    I fell in love with the bag, but have not been able to find it on the net. :sad:

    I'm hoping that someone has the bag or seen the bag. I would surely appreciate someone letting me know.

  2. Could it have been a Paddington? There's an auction ending soon for what would be that style if Paddy, but NO fringe. So answer quick!