SOS-Does Chanel fix this

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  1. Hi all, I haven't use my reissue for a while. Just took it out this Monday to use everyday. And today this happen: the lock "break"off?
    1. Do you know if Chanel be able to fix this?
    2. Where should I bring it in, since I bought it at BG but California doesn't have BG?

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  2. Yes, it happened to a friend of mine (also Reissue) and I know she was able to have it fixed. I don't know how long it took, etc but I did see it after she had it fixed & I couldn't even tell it had been broken. So I don't think it will be a problem.

    I think a local Chanel boutique should be able to take care of it, but since I've never purchased from department stores in the US I am not sure. I'm sure more knowledgeable TPFers will be able to help you, esp since many here purchase from BG!
  3. Updated: I went to Chanel boutique. They helped me send the bag for repair. 4 weeks and $85 later. The bag is back and good as new.

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  4. Awesome so Glad they fixed it... My SA tells be that hardware is the most requested repair especially on the boy bags..