SOS: CHANEL Vintage Jumbo XL v. Proenza Schouler PS1 medium

  1. ive got both and LOVE both!
    so if you think you will not come across the CHANEL VINTAGE anytime soon get that one otherwise i can guarantee you that you will carry the black PS1 on a DAILY BASIS;)
  2. Cilifene, you look great! How do you find the quality of your PS1s?

    Seems like the XL is winning. I'm even more confused :shrugs:. Thanks for all of the thoughtful recommendations! Honestly, I think I might use the PS1 more often as in daily, but if I had an XL that would be like whipping out magic, kwim? If I could just choose one and then get the other down the line or at the same time :thinking:... Only trouble with that is I might not appreciate everything if it comes in droves.
  3. Thanks! :smile: I've had no problems with the quality - my black one has been used a lot with no problems. My smoke is brand new though.
    I know about the claps falling off issue - but I think it was an issue on the first bags.

    Good luck in deciding :smile:
  4. Well, if you get the XL (assuming you got a great deal), you can wear it a bit, see how much you like it and/or use it.

    If you don't like it or don't use it, you can sell it, make a profit, and buy TWO PS1's.

    Win-win. :biggrin:
  5. go with chanel... it's more classy!
  6. The PS1 is definitely a younger, edgier bag. The Chanel is pretty, but a bit mature for my tastes.
  7. PS1, way cooler for someone your age. I don't care how many celebs wear that Chanel, to me it will always be an old-lady bag. Don't get me wrong, I love the Chanel, but personally I'm saving it for when I retire, lol.
  8. Thanks thavasa, DiorDeVille, Cilifene,canadianstudies, and Janinevs!

    This is such a tuffy :confused1:! I actually have too many black bags and keep getting more. I'm leaning towards the PS1, because I recently (on its way) added one 2010 black CHANEL to my collection. Plus, I can use the PS1 as an excuse to break my BBF (Black Bag Fetish). I think I would just end up admiring the XL as opposed to actually wearing it.

    VERDICT: PS1, I think. Maybe an XL later?
  9. Have you seen the blue PS1? I was in Barneys the other night and it was the one that jumped out at me from all the gorgeous bags on the main floor. It's absolutely the most perfect blue. Unfortunately I feel my work style is not cool/trendy enough to pull off the PS1 or I would've been all over that bag. But I can't afford another "weekend bag". If I was a young college student though, that would be my everyday bag. It looks like it could be the jeans of handbags.
  10. Oh and regarding the celeb pics you posted, Lindsay Lohan vs Chloe Sevigny should tell you all you need to know as to which is the "cooler" bag, lol.
  11. Chanel. For sure... its a classic, the ps1 might be done in a few months.
  12. if you are tending towards the PS1 then i would just go for it... it is a FAB bag!!!
  13. :lol: If I were remotely intrigued with young hollywood celeb-culture, I'm more on the skimpy, unwinding side with LiLo :p minus the coke. Although, Chloe has reached indie girl fashion icon status.

    I thought PS1 was reaching classic handbag status. Do you think it's too much of an "it" bag, because that is a fear of mine. But I do own an Alexander Wang Coco :sweatdrop:, which is my workhorse and completely anonymous as far as outside designer labels.

    demicouture, as a lovely tPFer with both, do you feel that the XL is a bit showy, unwieldly? Is the quality of the PS1 an issue for you? I like the sleek anonymity of the PS1.

    Both are just so different :wacko:!
  14. i havent had a quality issue with any of my PS1 and i already own 4...
    the fact that the chanel jumbo is more obvious makes it easier to carry the PS1 around on a daily basis..
  15. What colors do you have? I have purchased three of these and caught myself actually thinking I "needed" another black. I have white, smoke and brown. I've avoided the black so far, telling myself it looks too much like a laptop bag. I bought smoke thinking of it as an alternate to black.