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  1. Hey thereee peopleee .. few days ago i was getting ready to go out and was using the hair straightener when my bf appeared out of no where and gave me a lil scare.. the straightener touched my face for one or two secs and i have a burn mark now!!!!! It's slightly darker than shown in the pic

    Anyone went thru the same thing? Any suggestions to speed up the healing process? I'm afraid it will leave a scarrrrrrr!!!
    Moral of the story is- do not use a straightener when you're in a rush:tdown:



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  2. I sat on a curling iron that I had forgotten was plugged in and burned my butt and thigh and my scar looked similar to yours.

    Cool it and put some neosporin on it. I hate to say it, but I still have scars where I burned myself with the curling iron and I think you'll likely have a burnscar too...but with some neosporin and maybe some maderma you should be good to go!
  3. Ask your doctor for a prescription for BIAFINE emulsion.

    It is a macrophage stimulating cream that will help speed up the healing process.

    It is widely used for burn victims, skin grafts, post laser peels, to help people regenerate their skin.

    I used it for chemical burns on my face and it healed back to normal with in 3 days.

    You have to start using it pretty soon after it happens, so call your doc and make and appointment to see if you can get this prescription.

    Put the emulsion on 3 times a day and allow it to absorb so don't rub it in.

    Hopefully this will work well for you!
  4. I've burned myself countless times with flat irons/curling irons and have no scars.
  5. yeah well i hope it doesnt leave a scar but to be on the safe side i think i shud follow socaltrojan's advice! but it happened on fri night.. would it be too late to apply biafine?

    Thanks guyss :smile:
  6. hehee well at least the scar's on yr butt! i kinda left it alone and applied this gel called Solosite.. don't think it's working at alll.
  7. Call your doc or derm first thing Monday morning and tell them that you would like to be seen ASAP so you can get a prescription for BIAFINE emulsion so you don't have any discolorations and scarring from your burn.

    Hopefully they will get you in soon and it will still help. I think as long as you start using it with in 5 days, it should be fine.

    In the mean time don't put any makeup or product on it because it will seep in to the exposed skin and result in a tattoo effect.

    If the area is exposed to the sun apply spf 30 sunscreen so it doesn't get darkened from UV light.

    Other than that just leave it alone and use biafine.
  8. LOL, exactly! Bad thing is that you can see it when my legs get tan and I have a wierd square patch that's not tan near where my bathingsuit bottom stops ;)

    My scar was relatively deep though and also blistered and later was just UGLY! I'm hoping that yours isn't as bad :hugs:
  9. I burned myself with a curling iron. The dark mark will disappear in a few days. I have a faint scar but it's barely there and on the inner part of my arm.
  10. I just put neosporin on it. It was on my forehead. haha. Went away fairly quickly w/ no scarring.
  11. that happened to me once. Cocoa butter is all you need.

    it will heal itself.
  12. hmm
    i have cocoa butter but i dont know if i should apply anything on it yet?
    anyway thanks for the helppp
    let's just hope it doesnt happen again :biggrin:
  13. Don't apply anything until the dark brown scab falls off. it will come off by itself within a few days. then you can use whatever you want like cocoa butter :smile:
  14. I've done it with a wide barrel culing iron a number of times.