SOS: Birthday suggestions needed!

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  1. :sos::sos::sos:

    My boyfriend's 26th birthday is on Monday, September 4 @ Labor Day. His friends are all going to Cedar Point, OH, tomorrow for the weekend, and we would have gone to if my acappella group weren't scheduled for a gig tomorrow night :sad:. He doesn't want to leave me alone for the whole weekend:girlsigh:, so he's stuck in Buffalo too.

    Because of that, I want to do something for him. I'm not too good at planning birthdays (not counting my brother's birthday parties :lol:), and I want this to be a surprise for him. We live together, so this is going to be just us:tender:.

    Please tell me all your birthday surprise stories; it'll give me some ideas :idea:. And gift ideas would be greatly appreciated too!
  2. OK.... so maybe i'll be left to work this one out on my own :lol:
  3. Last year, on Bart's birthday I was still living in Maryland and he was living in Germany. He had just started his own company and was in the US a lot for marketing and promotion for his company. He was upset that he wouldn't be able to come to the DC area to see me...So I ended up flying to Chicago to surprise him. I knew what hotel he was staying at - and I had called the front desk before hand to let them know what I was doing. So when I arrived in Chicago, I got a whole bunch of balloons, and had them tied to my wrist with a bow on my shirt :smile: haha..He walked in from his convention and looked like he was about to pass out!

    I had arranged for a room service dinner and ordered a cake from the Cheesecake Factory (his favorite!) for desert :smile:
  4. I took an old boyfriend to a stripclub for his birthday which he loved-if that makes you too uncomfortable then start his day with a flower delivery (men like them too I promise!) and take him for a romantic dinner and then to a hip club. Have a song dedicated to him on the radio...are the Bills playing at home this weekend-preseason football is always fun. Or-is it possible to drive to Ohio after your gig? Just some ideas.
  5. I was never very good at surprises but I got my husband a watch a few years ago and he loves it. Nothing too expensive(it was a Seiko) since we were dating at the time and I couldn't afford very much but he still wears it. I've also gotten him an IPOD, cufflinks, a briefcase, sports tickets and this year I'm getting him a really nice espresso machine (I just ordered it).
    I hope this helps
  6. how about a fluffy terry robe, cool boxers, a nice new pair of havaianas, some great cds and a gift certificate for a massage? i think a nice dinner out or at home would be great or just a heart shaped happy birthday pizza if that is more to his liking. don't forget to order a great bd cake or cookie. have fun! queen
  7. i was thinking of getting him a tiny cake, since it's just the two of us, and figure out how i'm going to sneak it into the house :P
  8. What are his hobbies, likes, etc...the best thing is to do is mybe indulge him in something he loves, but maybe you don't.
  9. In a LV bag :P so he'll think you went shopping for yrself! :roflmfao:

  10. see i can't do that, because where i live is NO LV :crybaby:. i'll have to think of another way :girlsigh:
  11. How about renting a limo and take it to a fancy restaurant or to AC or NYC to check out some clubs?

    Def get him a cake (or better yet make one).
  12. is there anywhere that he mentioned he wanted to go to? how about blindfolding him and then taking him there? why not get a small romatic boat and have dinner there (best if you know someone with a boat lol) or you can rent one (they can be a little at $50-$100 a night) or would you like something louder? My friends and I had a house party, in her house she had a small hallway (with doors on either side) we filled the hallyway with ballons (and put uneven mats of the floor so she couldnt remember he way around and kept tripping) we gave her a kitting needle and she had to pop every balloon to get through inside each ballon was a present, (small crappy stuff like plastic rings and streamers and glitter) but in one was her bday present from he group a tiffanys ring (in a tiffany blue balloon) she had to find! it took her 1/2 an hour but it was fun
    and then we had a party afterwards
  13. wow that was pretty elaborate :lol:. i'm not going to do such fancy stuff, mainly because i'm busy all day tomorrow with a gig and i'll really only have Sunday to plan everything.