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  1. Ive been with my boyfriend 18 months now, and his best friend never invited me to the wedding and just him.

    I feel a bit :cursing:, and my bf is annoyed that they've not invited me. Dunno just looking for advice to deal with this i guess :sad:
  2. He is not what I would consider a best friend to do this to you. If your boyfriend was a real man he would not go to the wedding. His choice will let you know who he feels is more important in his life, letting his friend treat you like crap and him being OK with it or standing up for you. It is not like he has been going out with you for a are a couple. What he does in response to this will tell you a lot of how he feels for you.
  3. I agree.

    I had a similar problem with my bf's best friend treating me like ****, every time he saw me. Basically he saw me as a threat to how often he would see my bf in the future. Anyway my bf rarely see's him now, but not down to me stopping him or anything but down to my bf not being happy about his behaviour towards me.

    Good luck.
  4. Venetia Wanter:
    Did he mail invitations? Because here in the States, wedding invitations are only adressed to both people in the couple if they are engaged or married. It's just one of those rules.

    I hope that's the reason otherwise I probably wouldn't want to go to his wedding any way.
  5. Nope, there's been no official invitations yet, although the wedding is in a month. We got a text from him saying that im not invited unless someone else drops out :sad:
  6. Normally in the States if a person is invited and they are single they usually write and guest on the invitation, especially if they are known to be a couple.
  7. I'd say that is incredibly rude, and I'd expect my SO to either raise hell or not go.
  8. wow, he really said that you're not invited?? that is really rude. what does your SO say about this?
  9. That is incredibly rude. Bart has a rule about these things. If I'm not invited, he doesn't go.
  10. That seems so inconsiderate. I was in a similar situation last year with an old friend from HS who didn't invite any SO's(even spouses!) of her friends from back home. Only SO's who were friends with both her and her now husband were invited. She said it was due to cost, but needless to say quite a few of us were a bit upset.
  11. your SO's bf sounds like a jerk, in fact he's a jerk for not inviting you. i mean it's not like you and your SO just barely hooked up with one another. he should consider other peoples feelings and be more courteous, he's putting your SO in a predicament, since he's invited and your not. anyways--i wish that everything will work out for the best in the long run.
  12. How incredibly rude...Man, I wish some of these people would actually read out posts so they can read what we think of them, YOURE A JERK!! I'm sorry but he should not treat u like that and then having the damn ba$%s to text and say your not invited unless someone drops out?! Hell no, that would not fly with me....
  13. The might be on a tight budget and can't afford to have their friends bring dates (though I'm sure they invited any married couples). If your bf is that upset that you weren't invited, he should just not go.
  14. I have been to a wedding where people could not bring a date, because the couple could not afford to have so many guests. Maybe that is why?
  15. That's inconsiderate and very rude since he specifically mentioned that you're not invited. He is not a true best friend to your SO.
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