Sos Anyone Ever Sent A Bag To Italy??

  1. One of my bags just sold on eBay to someone from Italy (I'm in the USA). I thought that I had heard somewhere that Italy doesn't accept leather goods from the USA? Has anyone ever sent leather bags to Italy? Please help!!!! :shrugs:
  2. O boy, guess I'll send her an e-mail with a copy of the link you sent me.....:crybaby:Thank you. :flowers:
  3. hmmm, wow... def. didnt know that.. I sold a wristlet to someone in Italy once.. uh ohhh.. it was mostly canvas though..
  4. I know I have shipped at least one bag to Italy with no problems... Of course it may have been mostly canvas!
  5. Wow - I tell ya, selling on eBay it seems like theres always seems like there's some hoop to jump thru.
  6. Well, I've sent her an e-mail asking her if she was aware of the fact that Italy does not accept leather goods from the USA (I wonder why? :confused1:). I stated in my listing that I would send the bag to ANY country that accepts leather goods from the USA, just my luck that someone from a country that doesn't wins my bag! I'll wait to see what her response is................:popcorn:
  7. Okay, now this is weird. I have another bag which the highest bidder is also from Italy (the auction is ending in about 20 minutes). However, luckily this bag is made of nylon. Hopefully there would be no problem sending this one, right?? :confused1:
  8. The nylon one should be fine.

    The reason Italy restricts imports of leather goods is that the export of leather goods is one of their top industries there and they are trying to protect it.