SOS: Advice needed: Clemence Kelly - sloppy?

  1. Hi ladies,
    I need some help. I have a Blue Jean Kelly 32 on hold for me right now. I went down and took a look and fell in love with it. But it is not in togo but in Clemence.

    Personally, I am not a togo or clemence girl for Birkin as I want my birkin to be abit more structure. BUT for Kelly, its design is already structured.. will the clemence make it look sloppy? Or should I wait for the "more rigid" leather?

    Honestly I did not expect the bag to be available so soon. I thought I was down for a look-see, until my SA said it's for me. :wtf: After I got over my initial shock - weak knees and limp arms... I told her I think about it (over with my DH) and also to get over the shock...

    Now that I got over the shock and awe, I am ready to bring the bag home(tomorrow) I am worried about Clemence leather - sloppy. I am ok with slight sloppy (as seen on used Birkin Togo) but not ready for very sloppy (seen on used Birkin Clemence).

    Sorry to be long-winded, ladies please tell me if your Clemence kelly after usage (like 1 year and above) do it still hold its shape pretty well? :confused1:

    I am soo torn, I :heart: the BJ Kelly, I almost paid for it there! I was in shock basically, I have mentally prepared to "see" my ordered Kelly in June or something.

    If the Clemence Kelly does hold its shape pretty well, then tomorrow after church, I will bring home the Kelly.

    This is my first Hermes bag purchase, appreciate your most kind and honest advice.

    Many thanks!
    p/s: I am so glad I did not get the Vintage Black Kelly after all.
  2. Hi. Clemence kelly is not that sloppy. Many ladies here own clemence kelly. You can go to Hermes In Action threads and see their pictures. PBC has one in BJ clemence kelly. BJ clemence kelly is gorgeous IRL. You should not hesistate in purchasing one. Clemence leather is very soft and comfy.
  3. I wish I can help you but I don't have a Clemence Kelly. I did saw Clemence on Trim11 irl and was lucky to touch and admire the leather. I see what you mean by "sloppy" or slouchy ness (sp) effect of this leather on the the Kelly.
    But if you wanted your dream kelly to be more structure than wait for the right one to come. Tell your SA to hold one for you when she got the right color for you. Is it Togo leather what you wanted on your Kelly?

    I know it is hard to resist especially this bag has the color and the size you want but you don't want to have big regret later on.

    I feel you get more chance to get Kelly in Bj than Birkin in BJ. I remembered I saw BJ Kelly at the floor sometimes ago but at that time I wasn't ready for one so I passed.

    Good luck and decide whichever that makes you happy!
  4. I have a clemence Kelly and although it's new and hasn't been used too far it hasn't lost it's shape at all. Remember, clemence is a soft squishy "Hermes" leather, but compared to other designer's soft leathers (like Chloe and Balenciaga)'s squishiness factor is actually much firmer...KWIM? In a Kelly, I don't imagine it to lose it's shape too much. I had to get over this fear too...both bags that I ordered in togo came in clemence, but I have no regrets...clemence is really nice to the touch whereas togo is a little more scratchy!

    My vote...Go for the clemence!!!!!!!!!
  5. quick related question, does clemence only come in a kelly as retourne, or can you get it sellier? that might help with the sloppiness factor :smile:
  6. ^ I've never seen a sellier Clemence Kelly, Togo, yes.

    Princess, I asked the same thing when I was going to get a gold Clemence Kelly and there's a very helpful thread where ladies posted Clemence bags that are a few years old. Let me get it...
  7. ^^ Good question.

    Princess = You'll be fine, it's not sloppy. It will be a little slouchy after time though, but not sloppy.
  8. after looking at the pics from GT's link, no a clemence kelly is definitely not sloppy.
  9. GreenTea: Thank you so much for the post. I did a search but it did not turn up. Nevertheless, it is a good read.
    I saw the kellys - they look amazing !! How's your Kelly?

    Rochas, Sweatea, Frenchiefan, Piglet, Baggaholic, Hiheels - thanks so much for replying and help. I am sold on Clemence.

    I :heart: the Kelly, there is something magical about it. I tried a black 32 HAC today and I think I am still a Kelly Girl :love:

    I can always rely on this forum, I had to post this thread before rushing out for a dinner event.. my DH is asking what the heck you are doing... I told him, I had a very impt thing to ask the ladies in the forum - don't bug me.. I need to get some very impt advice before going to H tomorrow. :sweatdrop: I am just so glad he has not disown me yet...

  12. princessfrog! Yipee! I am so happy to hear that the BJ Kelly is reserved for you!!! Magical. ;) :graucho: There is one person whom you should contact right away > Amanda. She has a 32cm Clemence Retourne Kelly. Hope you can catch her before you go to church tomorrow morning. If you can't decide right away, ask for some more time. Typically, the store would have no issue giving you 3 days to think it over!
  13. *smack forehead* OIC - thanks! :roflmfao:
  14. Yup, SA said 3 days.. but we going tomorrow to bring her home :yahoo:

    Even DH approves! (amazing from someone who almost fainted hearing LV wallet's pricing to a H endorser) :wlae: :wlae: But it also means I need to hide my purchases from now on... :supacool: