Sorting out pictures!

  1. It would be nice to see the LV Visual Thread and LV Celebrity pictures sorted by the names of the bags so it would be a lot easier to search when you want to see how a certain bag looks on someone. It takes many hours, even days just to find one picture of a particular bag being modeled by someone :cursing:. This is one of the reasons why I really don't mind seeing duplicate pictures sometimes. Maybe someone can add them under the "Club" or a reference thread that shows a link or a list of the post#'s where you can find them. This would be very helpful!!! :jammin:

    Thanks for listening.:yes:
  2. You can search a thread for the person / bag you are looking for. That may speed things up a bit!

    Our LV moderators are already doing a wonderful job to clean up that forum, I am sure they will see what they can do.
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    janets pic's for the purse forum 348.jpg
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