Sorting Fall Clothes

  1. Have you gone through all your fall/winter clothes from last year?
    What are you keeping? What are you giving to charity or selling?
    I always have this dilemma between seasons. I have a Chanel coat that is not me anymore. It was beautiful last year and I never wore it so what do I do? Try to wear it? :shrugs: The tags are still on. :shame:
  2. I would try to sell it on eBay or at a higher end consignment shop. At least that it what I'm trying to do with all of the lovely things I have that aren't quite me. I tend to make a list of things I want for the upcoming season. I then go through my stored items and donate/consign the items that I never used or look tired. Afterwards I can add more things to my list and it helps to remember the looks that I really love on me so that I can buy similar items.
  3. if it's not you, then sell it!it's a shame to leave a Chanel dress in the closet...
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