Sorted out your Feb podium orders yet?

  1. H buyers (directors, managers and senior SAs) around the world will be leaving for the Mothership next week ... This came as a surprise because it's not even Feb yet! :sweatdrop:

    Make sure you have sorted out your POs and SOs. :yes:

    And then cross your fingers and wait! :push:
  2. Dear MrsSparkles

    When you say "keep your fingers crossed" - does this mean there is a possibiity you might not get what you ordered? In December I placed an order for a 32 sellier black box Kelly PHW for my wife. Am getting very worried now by your post that she may not get it :sad:
    The SA said we would have to wait most of this year for it but never indicated there would be a problem .....
    I guess it is a fairly standard order so maybe we will be lucky?

    Thanks for any advise :flowers:
  3. Thanks for the heads up Mrs S, I want so many things...........
  4. I spoke to Jason at Charlotte Hermes yesterday, and he said that all of their podium orders are in and they're not taking anymore. He said there store could only have 5.

    I thought this was something that was done in February. I'm not real clear on how it works.
  5. Me too, medusa. Me too!
  6. piperlu, I think he was referring to Special Orders, which are reserved for very good customers only. Podium orders are orders of any H items that are offered in the H podium catalogue, and in available colours and skin.
  7. I've made an order in the end of Dec (and change my mind in the Beginning of Jan :graucho:)...
    My SA told me he will be able to place it in the end of January :yes: ...
    So next week....the countdown begin before I'll receive it :yahoo: !!!
  8. Husband Orange, yes, there is always the possibility that we may not get what we ordered through our stores. Before the buyers go to the podium, they would get some requests from existing customers what they would like to have. So that when they are at the podium, these buyers can place orders accordingly. But there will always be the possibility where the colour/skin combo is not offered at the Feb podium, and that means, the buyers won't be able to put through that order.

    The next thing the buyers can do, is to place the order as a SO. But this is usually not done, as SOs are limited, and buyers would typically use these SOs for higher value bags. SOs are usually reserved for very good customers, who are regulars at their respective H stores.

    Your SA is not likely to be able to know if black box is offered at the podium, and whether your black box order is confirmed. The ones who really know, I think, at this stage, are SAs in Paris. Check back with your SA some time in mid or end Feb.
  9. Wish you all the very best, FP. I hope you will receive what you order. :flowers:

    Everything's so early this year. First, it was the scarves. Then, the cashmere shawls. And now, the podium's in Jan instead of Feb. Hopefully this also translates to us getting our bags earlier too! :sweatdrop:
  10. Husband Orange, you may be lucky, and be offered a black box kelly that was already confirmed in the july podium, for your store. I think there's really no harm checking with your SA. I know I would.
  11. Thank you Mrssparkles for your wishes:flowers: !!!
    But I guess I'm lucky...because my SA told me I needn't to be worried...I'll have my order for sure:wlae:!!!
  12. Thank you MrsSparkles.
    The SA unfortunately left a few days after I placed the order to go back to the States. She did give me the card of who would be dealing with it after she left though so think I will call in a few weeks and check all is OK. She did check her list of what was already coming in but sadly all were allocated although she did say if someone passed on the bag we may get a call.
    I'm on tenterhooks now as I know my wife will be absolutely devastated if this bag does not materialise - it's been her dream for so long .....
  13. Husband Orange, I echo Mrssparkles comments. I've been wanting a black box birkin for 2 years now, and due to the scarcity of box calf right now, my SA put it through as a SO. Even with SO, she doesn't know when I'll be able to receive it. :s


  14. mrssparkles
    , thank you for this important date info for the podium orders. Would you explain what the H podium catalogue is? Is it something that the customer has access to and consults together with the SA when trying to decide what po to place? I did not know about this and usually consult tpf resources when choosing a bag for an order!

    Any explanation would be so helpful. Thanks.
  15. For each season, there is a particular assortment of bags made in particular skin/color combos. These are easier to get as they are on the docket to be made already. There is a binder that shows the various combinations. In contrast, an SO is just choose whatever skin/color you want.