Sorta OT:Recommendations for Germany and Belgium

  1. Hi all,

    I don't post much, but I really enjoy reading everyone else's comments/conversations and glad there's an outlet to discuss important Hermes matters:yes: . So, I would appreciate any members' advice.

    I'll be in Germany and Belgium starting this Saturday for a week (woo hoo!:yahoo: )and was hoping for any recommendations re: food/sights/shopping.

    We'll be starting in Munich, travel into Bavaria and head north to Belgium. I'm going to try and visit any Hermes shops along the way, of course!:graucho:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi Milou, there's so much to recommend!
    If by any chance you are in Liege on a Sunday morning, then go and see the market they hold. It's really a sight: they sell everything from livestocks to antiques. When I was still living Cologne, we would sometimes go to that market on Sundays. Make sure you have some french fries with mayonnaise there, they're the best!
  3. I have to move this to the General Discussion forum as it does not pertain to Hermes. YOu will probably get more feedback there anyway! Hope you have a wonderful trip!
  4. would be nice to know where exactly you are going :smile:

    In Bavaria, Castle Neuschwanstein is a classic for visitors (I've never been there though :shame: shame on me)

    In Munich, Oktoberfest of course (if it's still running by then. but I think so)

    Hmmm, I live further up north so I could recommend you more of my area :P Anyway, I'll think about more.

    HAVE A GREAT TRIP! :flowers:
  5. Oohhh, Germany & Belgium :smile: My two favorite countries!! I live in Germany and my boyfriend is from Belgium.

    If you're going to be in Munich on Sunday, you'll be there to experience Oktoberfest! It ends on October 3, which is Germany's Unity Day, 'Tag der deutschen Einheit'. So don't expect anything to be open on that day!!

    I'm not sure exactly what dates or where you'll be traveling through in Germany, but here's some things I can think of!

    Things to do in Munich:

    - BMW Factory Museum: I enjoyed visiting this museum :smile: I'm not really into cars, but I went with my boyfriend after he bought his BMW and I had a fantastic time!

    - Glyptothek: I have never personally visited this museum, but my mom has. She says it's very nice and houses some beautiful sculptures!

    - Olympiapark: The site of the Olympic games that took place in Munich. I visited here a few years ago, it was nice :smile:

    - Haus der Kunst: House of Art. A very nice German museum that also contains a night club! It's also got a very interesting history to it :smile:

    Brauhaeuser, Biergarten, Markt!
    - Staatliches Hofbraeuhaus: Beer brewery :smile: A very popular tourist destination. They make the only beer that is served at Oktoberfest. Yummy!
    - Viktualienmarkt: The largest and most popular marketplace in all of Munich. There's always something going on here.

    - Peek & Cloppenburg: A very nice store, located on Ollenhauser Str. in Munich. They've got pretty much everything there, ranging for affordable to not so affordable! :smile:

    - Karstadt: Regular German department store. There are many located throughout Munich, but one of my favorites is the one that is located near the Bahnhof, and the Bahnhofplatz :smile:

    - Kaufhof: Again, a regular German department store, with lots of variety. This one is located on the Marienplatz. Lots and lots of shopping on the Marienplatz!

    - Luxury Shops: Maximilianstrasse is your best bet! With Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Hermes, etc you'll be in heaven!


    I'm going to write more in a bit, I just wanted to post this now so I don't lose it!!
  6. Alright, I'm back! If you're going to be traveling by car from Munich to Belgium (I'm assuming Brussels???), you're more than likely going to be beginning on the A99. If you're going to be driving on this route, you'll be riding through Stuttgart, which also has some great shopping and sightseeing. Stuttgart is the home of the Mercedes Museum and the flagship store of Breuninger (with their new luxury floor, eeee!!!!). Also, on the way to Stuttgart, you'll be riding past Augsburg which is exceptionally beautiful and has some beautiful churches and monestaries.

    Once you're in Brussels, there is SOOOOO MUCH to see and do. It's crazy how much there is too do.

    I think if you could only see one thing in Brussels, it should be the Grand' Place & guilded houses. It is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!! I would highly recommend reading some of the travel reviews on the internet when it comes to Belgium. Bart isn't here right now, and I have only been to Brussels a few times to visit his family. I never really got to do too much sight seeing :sad:
  7. Well- you got a good description about Munich already- you'll find nearly every designer in Munics Maximilianstrasse- so don't miss that

    There is a famous outlett area in a small town called "Metzingen" they have Adidas, Boss and I guess it's getting more and more every day
    There are busses going there taking people to do shopping

    It's between Munich and Stuttgart
    Heard it's a good place to shop!
    For Food it depends on where you're coming from.. but there's more German food than Sauerkraut on this planet ;)

    Enjoy- have a great time!
  8. The Adidas factory is a GREAT place to shop! Especially if you're in the market for shoes :biggrin: I didn't find the prices to be that great, but the selection was fabulous. There's also a PUMA factory in the Nuremburg area. I can't remember the exact town name right now :sad:

    And if your'e going to be traveling on the A3 direction Frankfurt (coming from the east), I'd recommend visiting Wertheim Villiage. It's an outlet shopping center that's got lots of designer name stores, like Versace and Tommy Hilfiger :smile: