sort of o/t: CHANEL PEARLS!

  1. does anyone have a picture of the Chanel pearls that are part of the timeless collection? they have just the strand of pearls w/ the locked Cs attached to them sporadically throughout the necklace. I believe Mischa Barton owns them and wore them on an episode of the OC once. if you have a clear picture of these pearls, that would be very helpful. thanks. does anyone on here own them? if so, do you know how much they are again? I can't remember, but I believe their between 600 and 900. just curious. thanks.
  2. I don't have a picture but I think its $675
  3. Yes !! I know exactly what you're talking about.. unfortunately only found a bad picture.

  4. thanks for your responses... and just for your entertainment, I found a better picture of Mischa wearing them on the OC...

  5. Fabulous picture ! I heard that they were her own.. that girl has so many Chanel bags, makes me so green with envy !
  6. those pearls look gorgeous! i want!
  7. i love that necklace!
  8. It's a plastic pearl beads for 695.00
    available in gold CC or silver CC logo.
  9. So pretty :love:

    I want some!
  10. D**n $700 is a lot for plastic. :weird:
  11. ughhhh, LOVE them...but 700$? nope.
  12. The necklace is beautiful but $700 is pretty pricey. Are you sure it's plastic?
  13. I always though that Chanel made glass pearl necklaces..not plastic.
  14. Yea...that's I what thought also..
  15. I saw this today in the store... it's really beautiful... i don;t believe it's plastic though... can anyone confirm please? i thought it's so expensive so i didn;t ask, but i keep thiknig abt it now... can someone please ask if they are in the store soon....I can't believe chanel will just use plastic... maybe cultured pearls?
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