Sort of gross question

  1. I am having the worst problem with my downstairs toilet. It constantly smells like urine! it is driving me crazy-I scrub it with Lestoil all the time and with in a day, it smells like urine again! just now I went in there and lifted up the lid and it reeked! I checked around the outside to see if the pee was there-I do live with all men-and there wasn't any. It definitely is coming from within the bowl.

    any ideas? I don't have a tank toilet-i have the old fashioned kind with the pipe in the back-so, i can't add anything to the tank water. Thanks!
  2. I see you live in Brooklyn- I'm in Manhattan and I have the same problem with my toilet! I'm a renter though, so I guess I should just complain to the super.
    I'm sorry I don't have any advice to offer, but I am very curious as to what others will have to say as I have the same problem!!
  3. Is there a drain nearby on the floor? If so, pour boiling water and bleach down it and then see if you can still smell wee.
  4. Lestoil doesn't have bleach in it does it? If not try something w/ bleach. Oh, also tell the men in your house to aim.
  5. First of all, are you sure that one of your son's isn't missing the target so to speak? Sometimes it only takes one time and the urine soaks into the wood or through the lanoleum into the wood. If you have tile, sometimes the urine gets absorbed in the grout. You can put bleach on it, Nature's Miracle or peroxide.

    You can also try resetting your toilet.
  6. I live w/all boys and I take a toothbrush around the toilet hinge part. Young and old, they miss!
  7. Ugh.. Yes, men suck at peeing.

    and living with ALL men doesn't help at all! They miss... even if it's just a drop, it'll smell.
  8. Japsters right! Nature's miracle is great, I use it for my dog when she has accidents.
  9. Is is the floor and the wall around the toilet? I hate to say this, but men aren't the best aimers! :throwup:
  10. I am not familiar with lestoil. Is it like lysol? I would pour straight bleach into the toilet and scrub it with a toilet brush really really good and then let it sit for an hour or two. That should kill any smell in the bowl itself. I would also make sure you wash the outside of the toilet including floor and any walls with lysol disinfectant spray or anything that says it kills germs. I have this same problem with one of my toilets and I am convinced it is from boy pee splatter. Once I do the above the stink disappears. Even if you can't see pee splatter outside the bowl doesn't mean its not there.
  11. The best product I have used (having two dogs I clean my fair share of pee in the house) by far is Don Aslett's X-O Plus Odor Neutralizer and Cleaner. I havent seen it sold in stores, and I purchase mine on QVC. The price is reasonable, as it lasts FOREVER and a few drops will do ya. You get a big bottle that you dilute in water and a small concentrated spray that you put in your car or purse. I HIGHLY recommend it for urine (and I use it for my trash cans, garbage disposal, and yes, my husbands bathroom). here is a link: Shopping=
  12. are there any leaks anywhere?
    have you tried replacing the lid cover screws, somtimes urine collects in there. also in the screws that hold the toilet in place in the floor.
  13. I have no advice for you but I don't understand how men can be so bad at peeing. You'd think they're better equiped to aim for the target. :rolleyes: :shrugs:
  14. this is sort of a superficial solution but the toilets in Cambridge always, always smell of urine even though they are cleaned daily--until someone had the bright idea of using an air freshener
  15. I'm lucky, my DH is a sitter!