sort of depressing (sorry) but for those of you who have lost a parent...

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  1. what do you for do for them/to honor them (if anything) on mother's day or father's day?
  2. I have gone to the cemetary and left flowers. My dad passed a few years ago I know how many of us feel.
  3. I tend not to visit my father's grave often, I'm way too emotional. Today, I plan to go and leave flowers as well.
  4. My dad passed away three years ago. I was thinking earlier this morning that he'd have loved watching the World Cup on TV, and that he'd have been overjoyed at the form shown by Steven Gerrard (his favourite Liverpool player).

    A couple of months ago , we went to the columbarium (spelling)? (I live in Singapore) where his ashes are stored, but we didn't go again today.
  5. We bring a bouquet of flowers to his monument at the cemetary. And when we make dinner on Father's Day, we cook some of his favourite dishes.
  6. That is really nice -- about cooking his favorite dishes. About the World Cup, I can relate as my dad missed the White Sox winning the World Series.

    I am sorry for all your losses.
  7. My father died when I was 8 years old. That was 20 years ago this May (he actually died on Mother's Day that year). I don't recall that we ever did anything specifically ... I try to block out memories. My father's gravestone has inscribed on the back "Father of Megan Elizabeth and Anthony Brian" (me and my brother). So it's entirely too emotional for me to visit.

    My mom always said that she should get two holidays since she was mom and "dad" (she never remarried).

    But today we're headed down to see grandpa, the closest thing to a father I have now.
  8. Thank you.

    I'm sorry for everyone's losses here as well.
  9. Thanks for starting this thread, chigirl. It's good to have a chance to talk about Dad. I just wish he had the chance to watch Liverpool's miraculous win last year in Istanbul.

    To everyone who's feeling down because of today, my sympathy.
  10. I lost my dad 15 years ago, and Fathers Day I remember him, as I do each and every day. He is still my dad, and this day is for him even though he is not here physically with me.
  11. Im like a faucet today...ughhh.... I cant cry enough...I will leave flowers and miss him today like I do everyday.
  12. parents r impt to their children's life and when u lost a parent, u feel at lost at times.. i know that your parent(s) misses u a great deal and that they would like to be remembered in some ways, be it flowers or dinner to remember them by... to those who have been left behind, i do hope that you continue to remember them by thinking of the happy times that you shared with them.
  13. I lost my Dad in 2002 and it's been hard. We were extremely close. For the first couple years after he died, Father's Day was really hard for me. I still feel sad, but I also recognize that I was very fortunate that I had a good father in my life for as long as I did. I also honor him in my mind on a daily basis, so for me, every day is Father's Day. :heart:
  14. I haven't done anything today, but the anniversary of my dad's death is in 2 days and then I will be lighting a candle and then I usually say a few works--pretend I'm talking to him aloud.
  15. my mom just passed this year. ANd I was more torn up as to do I call my grandparents on that day or do i not. As htere has been some harsh words on their parts since my moms passing to me.