1. I was suppose to be in santa clara mall and go to the boutique after christmas, but my job wouldnt give me time off so hopefully I can get the end of this month off to go!! If not, my big wedding is in June if you wanna come lol
  2. hmm? who are we saying sorry to?? and what for? i'm posting cuz i like to get my numbers up. :p. lol.
  3. I'm really confused! Lol Why do I have a feeling this was meant to be a PM or something! :p If not expect of lot of ppl crashing your wedding! jks! haha
  4. somebody is gonna close this thread...
  5. I am confused too. But I am all up for crashing a wedding! :yahoo:
  6. :confused1: Early Congrats on your wedding.
  7. is this even related to LV?!?!:shrugs:
  8. I don't get it??

  9. I don't think anyone does :confused1:
  10. I thought you were already married and hubby is in military..I'm really confused...:confused1:
  11. LOL LOL yes I read that somewhere also
    looks like somebody has been taking drugs or something like that (kidding)
  12. I am anxious to see where this thread leads.
  13. Lol. Busted:shrugs:
  14. I think this was meant to be a PM probably ...?
  15. It looks like a PM and not a posting, but I guess we'll see....