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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I started a thread the other day that apparantly was against tPF rules:sad:. If I made anyone uncomfortable, I apologize. I guess I just got really excited :smile: I'm sure you have all been there.....:yes:

    Anyway, for all of you who did post and give me advice and good wishes, THANK YOU!

    Hope this year is filled with lots of love and many blessings.
  2. hbr, Merry Christmas & I hope you get your dream bag soon!
  3. I totally understand that feeling. Please don't feel bad. I am sure you will get the bag soon. Gold birkin 35 is not so hard to come by. :smile:

    Have a happy holiday. Very best wishes to you hbr.:heart::flowers:
  4. Don't worry about it. It was an excited reflex response and genuine plea for help. I have definitely been there before. I'd even PMed a member in the past (when I was a newbie here) in my zealousness, and I was ridiculed for being ludicrous. We all learn what the fuss is all about & how things work. You will definitely come out getting your grail bag .... and more. Merry Christmas. :flowers:
  5. Ladies, thanks you for your understanding!! I will keep you all posted on my search for the "holy grail" :smile:
  6. Don't worry...even if it was against the rules, it was totally understandable, especially if it would be your first Birkin!

    Really, as soon as you can get to an H store in person, and meet a nice SA, you will have your grail very soon after!
  7. don't worry you will get your bag soon.
  8. No apologies necessary hbr!!! We all understand. I have to close this thread too as it is not "hermes" related per se, but I am leaving it up so your kind sentiments are seen by everyone. Wishing you a Happy New Year as well, and may 2008 bring you that gorgeous birkin you are after!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.