Sorry.... You are all going to kill me now...

  1. ...but.... I went out for my lunch...and... went into Cruise (Newcastle).... and... I am now the proud owner of a metallic black Mabel!!!:heart: £390 in the sale....:yahoo:

    So.... I've rang up and cancelled the Annie *double blush*:angel:

    Don't hit me please:boxing:

    griddle xx
  2. Lol, congrats on your new Mabel - it was meant to be...

    Metallic black sounds fantastic - looking forward to modelling pics!!!
  3. Woooo piccies tonight :yahoo:

    Are you in Sweden Vicky? How cool!! I grew up in Stockholm:smile:
  4. Wow - sounds incredibly funky! Annie just wasn't meant to be. Congrats on the Mabel! Please post pics on the reference thread when you get a chance.
  5. Bloody hell - how did you get a mabel at that price :drool: , are all metalic black mabels reduced ?? I want one!!!!

    Can`t wait to see some pictures .

  6. There was one more out on display just half an hour ago, why don't you phone them, they might be able to post it? Where abouts are you btw as Cruise also have stores in Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as Newcastle?

    Here is their website

    They do online shopping on some lines but not Mulberry sadly (but there are some nice Chloe's on the website). If they have them in Newcastle they might even have lots of other styles in the other branches, so might be worth finding out if someone's after a bag not in the sale on the website.

    I was also drooling over the Agyness, the SA said they had loooaadddss in stock, so hopefully they'll have some left for the mid season / summer sales *crosses everything including ears*

    griddles xx
  7. I asked in House of Fraser when the Mabels would be in the sale and was told, probably not until next Christmas. Lucky you - enjoy!
  8. My friend got a chocolate Mabel from the York outlet in september or October I think she paid £417 and there was a tiny red version in the sale in Fenwick in Newcastle last week for £299 it was absolutely teeny though! So keep looking you may get lucky!

    griddles xx
  9. I love love love the Mabel!! You are such a lucky girlie!!!
  10. Wow, fabulous find, many congrats.
  11. Wow! Lucky you! I would have chosen the Mabel too - such a great bag and love the lightweight leather! Congratulations! Looking forward to pics - haven't seen a metallic Mabel before!
  12. :drool:Wow!!!
  13. Congrats Griddle...It was meant to be. Enjoy
  14. Thanks peeps!! Just wish my work colleagues would understand they've been taking the P**s all afternoon now... I'm going to venture out into the horrible blizzard outside soon, will guard Rosemary and Mabel with my life!!
  15. Wow! What a great find- congrats!