Sorry's over for us!!!

  1. Paramount Pictures has severed its 14-year-old ties to Cruise coz of his off-screen behavior. Beside that, i'm sure his star power in the eyes of the public had dimmed considerably.

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  2. LOL! LOVE to see big names stand up against celebs!
  3. I was JUST about to start a thread on this.

    Anyway, I'm kind of glad they did it. I agree with Swanky that its nice to see them take action against such a big star. And I think it shows that they really are not happy with him. While I think its unfair that people view Tom in a lesser light because of the incident on the Oprah show, I can understand all the other issues people have with him.

    Of course that Scientology stuff is just weird anyway. I stopped caring that much for him when I discovered his involvement with it because it seems to be a cult.
  4. I don't understand Scientology and I LOVE John Travolta, so I try to forget that some of my fave stars are attached to it. . .
    but it was his condesceding conversation w/ Matt Lauer about PPD that did him in for me.
    What a jack ass!
  5. The difference between Tom and John Travolta is Tom chose to be so vocal, and downright OFFENSIVE about his beliefs in Scientology. I dont care what he's into, he should just keep his opinions to himself. For example, the whole Brooke Shields fiasco. THAT hurt him a lot. You dont see John Travolta pointing a finger at anyone and criticizing them. So many celebs seem to be into Scientology, yet you dont really hear much about them. Your religion should be something private to you. He's much too vocal about it and has turned off a lot of people.
  6. and he is my favorite too... but his actions off-screen are not very "appropriate" well, he is still a millionaire so he will continue what he wants to do i guess...
  7. ITA. His comments on PPD did it for me -- I was a big fan of his since high school too. =(
  8. This is it exactly! I dont think people are annoyed with him because he is a scientologist but they are sick of having it shoved in their faces. He needs to go back to the old publicist that kept his kookieness under wraps for so many years. He is a fine actor but as a person he is a moron. :rolleyes: I cant believe Nicole stayed with for a long as she did.
  9. Well said!!! :yes:
  10. Exactly!!!:yes:
  11. I completely agree. Tom's statements were completely offensive, not to mention his plain ludicrous behavior. It would be irresponsible for his Hollywood connections not to react in some way or another, in my opinion.
  12. Aww, I still like Tom matter how weird his actions are...I can't help but think he's a really nice guy deep down...I mean he treats his fans so nice.I've heard that when he attends his sons soccer games...he doesn't isolate himself to a corner ( like most celebrities do) but he actually talks to the parents and most have said that he's a really friendly guy.

    I just wish he'd keep his mouth shut doesn't seem to do him any good.I feel bad for him.
  13. The thing that surprises me about this is how OPEN they were about why they made this decision. TC must be way more erratic than any of us know... because normally you hear they parted ways due to "creative differences" or the big excuse in politics "to spend more time with their family"... In this case, they just let him have it. I don't like his views either- in fact, I knew this guy had lost it when he went off on Matt Lauer on the Today show.
  14. ditto ^^ :hysteric:
  15. I totally agree! But I feel kind of sorry for him, he made a "misstep", we all do that once in a while! :oh: He needs to go back to his old publicist & start making some great, quality movies again!