Sorry to vent

  1. But I have to...


    They're just not fair, especially when someone has it set to snipe me exactly 3 second before the end of the auction. It's not even giving me time to react! Very few people can time it perfectly to send in a bid that close to end without the use of a program. That just seems like a lopsided advantage and makes me want to use one so I don't lose out on something that I wanted to have and to hold when this particular buttface is just going to sell it now for 3 times the price. :yucky:

    I don't like tech nerds and their little ways of cheating me out of some designer goodness. And now I'm eating sour worm gummies to fight the pain!
  2. why dont you try to sign up for a bidding service too? you can tell the system when you want them to place the bid for 1 sec before the auction ends..
  3. I just don't feel like it's fair. Stuff like this makes me want to because I missed out on something I really wanted.

    I have a hangup with fairness and honesty. A woman mistakenly listed an authentic Kooba Audrey last week for BIN $25 and I messaged her to cancel it. I didn't feel like it was the ethical thing to do to purchase it knowing it was a mistake on her part and that she could potentially lose however much on it. Same way I don't think it's right to use those programs.
  4. Well, I guess you have time to sit around the computer all day & place bids 24 hr a day 7 days a week.

    I work 4-12 shift. When I am not working inside, how am I supposed to place a bid? I could place my top bid when I bid the first time, but what if a better deal comes along? What about people who cannot access eBay from work? (or from home)...

    And some people have it times so they can physically bid in the past few seconds. I do that too.

    JMHO. Get a snipe program, you won't regret it.
  5. I can understand the thing with the Kooba bag but what on earth is dishonest about using a computer programme to bid for you?? Is it dishonest to use a kettle to boil water when you can use a pan? :shrugs:
  6. There's nothing dishonest about sniping programs. If you were outbid, it is because you didn't bid high enough. If you were willing to pay more and don't want to use a sniping program, you could always enter a higher bid to begin with.
  7. A. I don't have that kind of time, and B. there wasn't any necessity for such a rude remark like that.
  8. That is not even the same thing, you're like Socrates with unequivalent analogies. :yes:

    Go ahead, use your sniping programs, I don't think it's fair to have something bid 3 seconds before auction end. It was the first time I had it happen, so yea, maybe I'm more frustrated. And when I am the only bidder for the entirety of an auction, with a max bid 40$ higher than the current bid, and 3 seconds before the end, before I can even react, it's gone. I'm sure the same nonsense happened to you and you got a sniping program.
  9. How do you know she used a sniping programme? Perhaps she just bid later and higher than you.
  10. Yes of course but c'est la vie!
  11. I certainly understand your frustration, but wouldn't it be "unfair" if you didn't know people used sniping programs and you kept getting outbid? It's not a secret advantage. If you have the knowledge, what you do with it is up to you.

    And certainly, if everyone just pushed the button and bid, you might stand a better chance of winning. But there'd still be people who'd wait until the last seconds to try to outbid you. You might win, they might win. Would you be less frustrated then?
  12. TBH I've manually bid myself at around 5 seconds before auction end anyway
  13. I know it's frustrating to get bid out at the last minute by 50 cents... still it's just part of eBay.
  14. Well, then get a snipe program. My remark was not rude. It was an opinion.
  15. I used to get all upset over the moral aspect of using a sniping program.... but after losing out on one too many designer goods, I've converted over to the dark side!

    I now use a sniping program for things that I really want, and bid manually for those that I so-so want.