Sorry to shill...

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that hopefully Vlad will soon be approving my Speedy 35 which I will be selling immediately just through this board (Marketplace), not Ebay. I know you'll provide a good home for him! He's nearly brand new.

    Anyway, I forgot to add why I am selling this bag. I've used it a handful of times and I'd like to get some cash because my dad's birthday is coming up. I want to buy him a Ghurka golf bag so I'd like some extra cash for that!

    I just wanted to post here because I notice not a lot of people check out the Marketplace. Also, so many of you ladies seem to be on the hunt for a Speedy.

    Thanks, ladies! I promise this is the last time I'll shill like this. :sad2:
  2. Wow, really nice daughter..I don't know how easily I could part with my mine :smile:
  3. lol Thanks! The Ghurka golf bag is $1,000+. Needless to say, I'm raising funds!
  4. You may want to post more pictures to show the detail of the bag. Most people looking for authentic LV or other high end bags will not buy if there are no detailed pictures. I know I won't due to so many fakes out there.
  5. I will be happy to email pictures to anyone who wants them. I'm thinking it'll be mostly girls from this forum who are interested in the bag, and I can email them personally. I don't really want to pay $0.15 per picture. Yeah, I'm cheap. :smile: I already will pay a hefty fraction to them (and Paypal) once the auction is won!
  6. Does the 35 come with the lock & key ?
  7. Hi Cat!

    I just posted more pics!

    Yes, it comes with a lock but I lost the 2 keys that came with it. You can easily get new keys at LV for the lock.
  8. The pictures are too fuzzy, you might need to resize them. Good luck with the selling!
  9. Just did it, thanks. :love:

    There are also pics in Marketplace.
  10. Ahhh, better now. :lol: Good luck!
  11. Good luck with the auction, it's a beautiful bag!
  12. Thanks Irissy!

    Here's to hoping I get halfway to a Ghurka golf-bag! lol

    By the way, if any of you are in San Francisco and want to visit Ghurka, talk to KEN. He's so nice. And handsome to boot. :amuse:
  13. Cristina et al...

    do you think I priced it too high? I figured people will save about $100 since there's no tax and it's lower than retail.
  14. IntlSet, I just purchased your speedy 35,:biggrin: I can hardly wait for it to arrive.Please take time to leave me feedback as I'm new at buying on e-Bay and really appreciate the good feedback ;) .