Sorry to say I'm done

  1. Well ladies, I recently purchased the Azur Speedy and believe it or not, I am done. I am honestly not interested in another LV bag. I plan on purchasing a Chanel for my birthday but I think that is it for a long time. I love my current collection..I"m just not interested in anything else.

    So for now, fair well!
  2. I can't wait 'till the day that I feel this way... I have so little will power when it comes to LV.
    Congrats on your new purchase, I love my Azur speedy even though it doesn't get much use these days.. :smile:
  3. Congrats, i would love to see pics of your collection.
  4. im sure ur credit cards r relieved!! but i believe Marc will come out wit other gr8 bags tat u wont b able 2 resist!
    i cant live without Louis, i was born 4 them i think!!!! lol
  5. Congratulations on you azur. I think that you will come back.
  6. congrats on your bag!! ^^^^^i do too ^^^^^^
  7. Don't be sorry!!!

    LV puts out so many new bags each season, so maybe you will be interested again next year!!!!
  8. glad you're at a point where you're content! wish I was too so i could give my bank account a break. lol. but i hope you come back to us eventually!!
  9. Glad you feel content! I'm that way for now with bags. I'm sure that there will be something in the spring collection that will win over my heart though.
  10. I have to say that I am FAR behind you! There are so many that I still have to have!
  11. I have had this feeling a few times and it passes as quick as it comes. A few months will go by and I will want for nothing...but that would never stop me from visiting this forum daily! :nuts::nuts:
  12. Congrats on getting to the point where you are content with your collection. I think that would be a nice place to be. But beware of thos Chanels I hear they can be just as
  13. I have been quite LV satisfied myself and am proud of my collection, so I haven't been frequenting in LV as much as I did prior...BUT who knows. I still want that black epi speedy 30, dangit!
    2007 LV.jpg
  14. I'm tempted to agree... I got my first bag, my speedy and since then I've been gradually paying back my DF who bought it for me... and tbh, it's like the cheapest LV so the price is definetly acting like a detterent since I don't earn hardly anything. I've been lusting over Mulberry ....
  15. I know what you mean. Every once in a while I have what I call a "handbag epiphany" and get rid of a bunch of stuff and love, love, love the bags I think are *perfect* until 6 months later I change my mind again. :shame: