more stephen question...~see PIC~

  1. Ok, I borrowed this pic from a fellow tPF' the stephen this slouchy?

    If so I don't think I want it, maybe I am fickle (;) veronika)

  2. thats one hot bag.. GET IT !
  3. It has very soft canvas so it is not stiff like some other bags.

    I have one but have not carried it out so I cannot testify as to how slouchy it is......not to mention i hate saggy bags.

    But it does have some reinforcements on the bottom to help.

    I probably didnt help that much....sorry. When I get home tonight I can take a pic of the bottom of the bag for you to see if you need it
  4. ^^^Do you like it? Why haven't you carried it yet?

    I don't like slouchy bags either...that's why I am worried. Thanks so much!
  5. I love it & tried it on during the Houston meet. I don't think it's slouchy, but it may have been stuffed. I would have it now if I didn't have the Adele because it has the same chain strap. You should get it before it's gone.

  6. I love it. Its really a beautiful bag. I have not carried it yet because I own way too many bags and have not got around to that one yet.

    Oh my gawd did I just admit to having way too many bags?:push: :sweatdrop:

    I plead the fifth.
  7. I haven't used mine outside either, for the same reason above ^^ *I will not say it... lol*

    But I put some stuff in it and carried it around the house... it doesn't stay it's shape.. you know like speedies. You'll have to put something hard on the bottom to keep the shape. Hope that makes sense =)
  8. i don't think it's slouchy- but it's not structured. it reminds me of a pimped out, kick ass speedy.
  9. I just got one yesterday from Eluxury and have been playing with it debating whether or not to keep it. The canvas is super soft, mushy. When I took the stuffing out of it the front center caves in, but unlike the speedy, the bottom does not sag. I hope that makes sense. :smile:
  10. Thanks ladies for your answers....I don't think this bag is for me :sad:
  11. i actually find it more appealing that it is slouchy. :yes:
    but, this is good for you Mary bc you can keep your "big bag "ban going strong!:wlae:
  12. True :shrugs: , but I was so ready for it to be
  13. tomorrow is another day.....:graucho:
  14. I dont think i'd care for it bending in the middle so like the speedies i'd put something on the bottom.