Sorry, need to vent...

  1. Sorry don't usually do this...

    So I ordered a Mike & Chris jacket from Revolve right after Thanksgiving using a 30% discount code and had it shipped to NJ to avoid CA sales tax since I was going to be visiting family anyway Dec 4-14th. Tracking said it was delivered to my SIL 11/29 but she never got it or another package she was expecting from Nordstrom. Long story short our packages never showed up and Revolve won't declare lost/stolen for until 1 week after indicated delivery date (12/6).

    My SIL lives in a townhouse development and we figured someone saw the packages at her door and stole them even though she has never had a problem before and it is very hard to see her front door from the street. Well we were driving home the night of 12/5 and we spied some empty boxes on the other side of her unit, sure enough they were my package from Revolve and hers from Nordie. She feels totally violated which I completely understand and I am super pissed!

    Of course Revolve and Nordie are great and are refunding our money but now the Mike & Chris jacket I ordered is sold out on Revolve, they aren't getting it back in, and cannot be special ordered.:crybaby:

    With the holidays here, people are ordering lots of stuff online and shipping gifts. Please be careful! I did not now that I could have requested a signature for my package (had I known I would have). Revolve automatically does this for orders over $700 btw (of course mine was just under that:cursing:). I highly recommend that people do this when shipping/ordering anything on line but unfortunately these are the times we live in and I know there are people out there who will sign for your packages and steal them while you are not home too!

    Anyway, just needed to vent. Looks like I will have to order my jacket from Shopbop now and pay $350 more:tdown: but even still I am not wanting to have anything shipped at the moment due to this recent bad experience. Also I will not be home again until Dec 15th and then I leave on the 21st until the end of the year so I'm worried about my package getting lost/stolen just for that reason alone.
  2. That is terrible. I always want to ask these thiefs how they would feel if someone did that to them. What goes around comes around.
  3. That's awful! I have been more worried about this type of thing lately, too. So sorry this happened to you and your SIL.
  4. I am so sorry to hear that. At least you were doing business with good companies that will back you up. Most companies would say you were out of luck since it was delivered & then subsequently stolen from the delivery location.
  5. It is HORRIBLE that this happened to you! I think it's great that Revolve is giving you your money back so quickly. Even though Shopbop didn't have the Mike & Chris jacket on sale, it is great that they still have in your size.

    It's really troubling that this kind of thing goes on. I was also recently burned by not knowing I could request a signature for packages. I bought a pair of designer shoes at a high end department store and requested to have them shipped to my apartment. Long story short, the shoes never showed up at my building. It took 5 weeks of phone calls to the department store to finally get my money back for the shoes. :cursing:

    What I didn't find out until all this happened is that the store didn't request a signature for the package when they shipped it using FedEx ground. I was absolutely SHOCKED :wtf:that they didn't request a signature. From this point forward, I make it a point to request delivery with a signature.
  6. Wow, that is awful. Some people are just terrible. I just don't understand how people feel they can steal other people's stuff and don't even feel bad about it. I'm so sorry you are out your jacket and your sister is out hers as well. I'm glad you got your money back.
  7. P.S. which one were you buying? has the Hugh on sale.
  8. thanks, it's the bryant though. I am just going to suck it up and pay full retail at Shopbop. I'm glad they have it in my size like stinam said (sorry about your ordeal with the shoes). it sold out in like a week from revolve.

    I also always purchase with my AMEX card whenever possible since they are really good about these kinds of things too when the company you are dealing with isn't.

    what really kills me is that I work from home most of the time and never have problems shipping stuff to my house. I feel like I was trying to be cheap since I was going to be in NJ and could avoid the sales tax. Of course, now I feel guilty too knowing I could have got the jacket for ~625 as opposed to 900. I've been dying for a M&C jacket too and just hadn't found the perfect one until this one...

    thanks again for all the kind words
  9. How horrible :cursing: And now you jacket is sold out:sweatdrop:

    You said the other side of her unit. Do you know which neighbor took it? I would be PISSED.
  10. not sure if it was a neighbor or not, it was on the other side of the unit next to hear. I think it was likely some kids that live around and just happened to see the delivery when it was made.

    burns me up that whoever stole it likely does not even know what Mike & Chris is and won't fit the jacket anyway and will wind up selling it for a $100 I'm sure or giving it away.

    So sad, just ordered now from shopbop an had it shipped to my DH's office. Time to move on but still so mad. I feel worse for my SIL though really since she lives here and feels totally violated.
  11. Thats horrible. :sad: you would think that most stores would start asking for sig. confirmation seeing as how they actually end up losing money off of stolen packages.
  12. So sorry about what happened to you. I've been reading a lot of these incidents lately and they even showed on the news about some thieves specifically following UPS delivery trucks as they make deliveries and then stealing the items that are left in the front door:sad: