Sorry Louis.....

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  1. Well, after much deliberation, I have purchased a new bag and it's not LV.

    I was torn for quite some time b/t Galliera PM & Tivoli GM. Ultimately, I was looking for a sturdy, classy, comfy, big shoulder bag.

    I'm not a frequent buyer of handbags...have a few Gucci's, a Damier Speedy 25, and a few other things. I really did want to buy another LV, but it just seemed like there wasn't quite the right bag. And then between the black marks on the Galliera, the stock shortage, now price increase, and the stories of some sometimes less than pleasing customer service, I just wasn't 100%. It just seemed that while we all love LV, there are many people on this board who are quite frustrated and even unhappy with them for various reasons.

    I wound up purchasing a new Prada bag (my first) and I'm very happy with it :smile: I do hope to pick up a pre-loved Damier Neverfull MM or maybe a nice worn in Mono Speedy 30 in the coming months. But, for this round, LV just wasn't for me.
  2. It's okay! I'm sure you'll find something in the future that brings you to LV again. I constantly ponder venturing into Balenciaga and Chanel lol.
  3. Congratulations on the purchase of your first Prada! I've got Prada fever as well this season for some odd reason. :smile: Lots of cute new bags for fall. Will you be posting that purchase in the Prada forum? There were be tons of opportunities for you to buy LV in the future. There is no shortage of gorgeous pre-loved pieces on the market.
  4. which prada bag did you end up getting?
  5. Vitello hobo from NM! I will post pics soon! For some reason the files are saving larger than TPF will allow to upload :sad:

    It's a beautiful bag, the leather is TDF! And it smells so good! I feel like she'll be pretty durable, she's big, but not too big & very comfy :smile:

    And at $1050, the price is not tooooo painful compared to the others I was considering!
  6. Congrats Dallasgirl! I don't blame you for crossing over :smile: I'm a big Prada fan, just haven't gotten my first piece yet since I just started buying premium designer bags last year, also with LV.
    Would love to see a modeling pic of the hobo. I've been eyeing that as well because it's a good price point for Prada leather. You should be able to compress your pics using the program you used to download your pics from the camera.
  7. That bag is very nice, looking forward to see photos :smile:
  8. You can use to upload pictures here and it will resize the picture to be able to be posted here.
  9. Whatever makes you happy...that's the only thing that matters. :smile: